Our Pamphlets

1917 - Party, Class and Soviets in the October Revolution

The Platform of the Internationalist Communist Tendency Revised English version (including postage in UK) 70p

For Communism An Introduction to the Politics of the ICT £3

Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation The issue of “consciousness” is one of the most important for the working class and for revolutionaries. Our approach is unashamedly historical and attempts to draw out the real experience of the working class in its struggles of the last two centuries. 56pp £4

Trotsky, Trotskyism, Trotskyists How Trotsky, who made such an enormous contribution to revolutionary practice, ended up giving his name to a movement which returned to the counter-revolutionary errors of Social Democracy. £3

Stalin and Stalinism The lie that the former USSR was “really existing socialism” remains a potent weapon against the working class. This pamphlet not only examines the origins of the regime that emerged from the defeat of the October Revolution but also explains the motivations of Stalinism. £1

Holocaust and Hiroshima Examines how the nature of imperialist warfare comes to inflict mass murder on the world through an examination of these seminal events. 50p

Capitalism and the Environment (by Mauro Stefanini) Translated from Prometeo these articles were written some time ago but show that our late comrade was ahead of his time in analysing the unsustainability of capitalist production. £1

Spain *1934-39: From Working Class Struggle to Imperialist War* Reprint of key CWO articles long out of print and translations of contemporary documents from the Italian Left in exile. New introduction. £3

Platform of the Committee of Intesa 1925 (new edition) The start of the Italian Left’s fight against Stalinism as Fascism increased its grip. £3

South Africa’s New Turmoil An analysis of class relations in the period after the fall of apartheid thrown into relief by the strike wave which followed the Marikana massacres. £2