MDF Sheffield Meeting

  • MDF meeting Sheffield Sat Feb 25th.

Topic: ''The Robots are coming - Look Busy: Automation, Work, Class and Communism"*

The next Midlands Discussion Forum meeting is scheduled for Saturday 25 February 2017 between 2 and 6 pm upstairs at the Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield S12BS, just a short walk from the central Railway and Bus stations. All welcome.

This discussion is likely to take a critical look at related ideas such as those in Paul Mason's book Post Capitalism who suggests that the new technology that capitalism produces can create a post capitalist society rather than just reform it. The working class has always been the main sufferer in the process of job loss and job creation that new technology brings - but can that technology really threaten capitalism itself or is it only the working class that can perform that task? New technology has always threatened the status quo and repeatedly generates rather idealistic notions such as the 'leisure society' or a society 'without labour' so does the advent of electronic robotic systems actually do away with workers and challenge the system of wage labour and profit creation? What is the impact of the internet and electronic systems produced by capitalism on the working class? What attitude should a communist society take to technologies produced within capitalism? Possible readings:

Worth picking out some of the linked texts in those threads even if you don't want to plough through the whole discussion.