CWO London Public Meeting

"How can workers fight exploitation today and prepare for the new society of tomorrow?"

Since the crisis of 2007 all sections of the working class have suffered cuts to their living standards. These have been enforced through wage freezes or wage cuts, new types of precarious employment which don’t guarantee hours of work, sick pay or holidays such as zero hours contracts and supposed self-employment in the “gig” economy. At the same time we suffer savage cuts in the social wage, cuts to benefits, health, education, pensions, social care etc. All this is to squeeze more unpaid work out of workers in a desperate attempt to raise profits. In London and elsewhere, recent months have seen struggles by cleaners, hotel workers and delivery drivers in the booming 'service sector'. How should revolutionaries respond to this fight-back?

Date: 18 March 2017

Time: 1400 hrs.

Venue: Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, WC1X 8QY (Nearest tube Kings Cross)


How does CWO define the word 'revolutionary' ? A brief definition would probably suffice now.

When I go into a newsagent's shop, I see glossy magazines giving details of a range of the latest modern weapons. Do you reckon that there will ever be an armed revolution in the UK ? Do you advocate that there should be an armed revolution in the UK ? If the answer to both those questions is 'no', then what do you foresee and advocate by revolution, if it is correct to assume that that should and will be non-vioent, or, if not totally so, then mainly so ? Not just for me, but I reckon that these points shouild be clarified for all visitors to your website and for new and long-term readers of your publications such as 'Revolutionary Perspectives'. It is easy to imagine anything from 'dinner parties' to blood baths, when considering what revolution might be, rather than an orderly progression from capitalism. As every word is a generalisation, and the dominant ideology that of the ruling class, maybe we should keep out of newsagents' ?!