CWO Durham Meeting

The Communist Workers’ Organisation (North East Section) holds regular meetings in Durham open to all who are interested in defending the independence of working class action. These are usually on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.30 p.m. in

Alington House

4 North Bailey — Durham — DH1 3NP

Please Note the next meeting will be on:

Tuesday May 23 2017 and not May 16 as advertised earlier

Main topic: Elections against the working class.

The last few months have produced scores of elections and referendums around the world and more are in the offing, including the British General Election. After years of growing alienation from the system and increased abstentionism more workers are now being dragged into these festivals for national salvation. Participating in them gives the ruling class the legitimacy they seek whoever wins. But is abstentionism enough for an anticapitalist perspective? This and other questions will be discussed at the meeting to which anyone concerned about the future of the working class and humanity is invited.