MDF Meeting Birmingham

MDF Meeting Birmingham Saturday July 15 2017.

The next open discussion meeting of the Midlands Discussion Forum will be 2-6pm at 'The Woodman' pub, New Canal Street (next to the parkway at the Curzon St end), Birmingham, B5 5LG, (15min walk from New Street or Moor Street Station)

The headline title is 'Corbynism, Anarchism and the Left - Something New or Something old?' and will try to look at the apparent 'anti-austerity change of mood' amongst many workers as reflected in the improved Labour Party vote and street anger following the Grenfell tower disaster but with a still persisting low level of effective collective class struggle.

To help the discussion along maybe read these short texts beforehand; and an anarchist criticism of it here:

Other arguments against supporting and voting Labour are collected here;

All welcome.