CWO Durham Meeting

The Communist Workers’ Organisation (North East Section) holds regular meetings in Durham open to all who are interested in defending the independence of working class action. These are usually on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.30 p.m. in

Alington House

4 North Bailey — Durham — DH1 3NP

The next meeting will be on:

Tuesday July 25 2017

Main topic: The Long Fight of the Durham Teaching Assistants

At the beginning of July Durham Teaching Assistants (TAs) once again showed their solidarity by voting to reject the latest "offer" cooked up by Unison and Durham County Council. This was intended to "divide and rule" by making 472 of them (between a fifth and a quarter) take pay cuts. The struggle of these workers under the leadership of their own Activists Committee, which transcends union divisions, has been an inspiration to many, not only in County Durham, but across the UK. After years of class retreat and accepting worsening conditions, do the Durham TAs offer us an example of solidarity that can be built on? This, and other questions, will be the focus of the meeting.

There will be no meeting August and the meeting after this will be on Tuesday September 19