Durham Meeting

Nation or Class?

Wherever we look nationalism and racism is on the rise. It can be seen in the institutional forms of referendums as in Scotland and Catalonia, in the scary exclusivity of Trump’s Republican USA or Poland and Hungary’s leaders and most brutally in the ethnic cleansing of the many populations across the world like the Rohingya in Myanmar. Why is this so? Is it just a fashion that will go away once the political pendulum swings the other way? Or is it symptomatic of much deeper issues and part of the preparation of the ruling class for yet one further offensive against the working class? We will be discussing this and other issues at our open meeting on

Thursday 14 December at 7.30 in Alington House, 4 North Bailey, Durham DH1 3ET.

All those interested in the development of a revolutionary movement of the international working class outside all statist institutions welcome.