Durham Meeting

Open Meeting

Universal Basic Income: step forward for low paid workers or "bread and circuses" for the plebs?

There is much talk on both left and right of the capitalist political spectrum around the idea of a Universal Basic Income. There are even some pilot projects already operating or planned to be operating soon. Its supporters though have conflicting motives. The right wing economist F. A. Hayek, who thought the welfare state was the "road to serfdom" was a great supporter but only because he thought that a universal basic income would lead to private companies offering all "services" . We would all have to pay private health providers for our care. On the left there are those who see it as a basic welfare payment that can replace the horrors of Universal Credit. And still others see it as a strategy for reducing the entire working class to dependency on a state in an age when employment opportunities are declining. This is a discussion about all our futures.

The meeting will be on

Monday 22 January at 7.30 in Alington House, 4 North Bailey, Durham DH1 3ET.

All those interested in the development of a revolutionary movement of the international working class welcome.