MDF meeting Birmingham

The next Midlands Discussion Forum will be on the subject:

Single Issue Campaigns and Reformism

2pm on Saturday 17th March at the Woodman, New Canal St, Birmingham B5 5LG

As Capitalism turns to populist leaders, we will no doubt continue to see a growth in reformist campaigns based around single issues Whether its ‘save the NHS’, ‘save the environment’ campaigns against so-called ‘terfs’s, anti fascism, anti-deportations, pro-EU or anti- EU, such campaigns seek to make only minor changes capitalism and are either bourgeois campaigns or mislead the working class into supporting this or that faction of the bourgoisie. They spread the illusion that capitalism can gradually be improved by minor changes instead of revolution.

However its never that simple. One of the major phases of the Russian Revolution was sparked off by an International Womens Day march lead by working class women as they demonstrated against the lack of bread and brutality of the Russian Regime.

The discussion intends then to focus on the reformist, single issue campaigns spread by the left and liberal democracy and the need for independent working class action against the state.

All Welcome