Liverpool Public Meeting



Working class people have seen their living conditions under attack for many years. In Britain, benefits continue to be slashed, people work in increasingly precarious situations and are not being paid enough to cover their food bills. Homeless people are sleeping rough in every town and city, health services are creaking at the seams and schools are not given enough resource to buy basic necessities. Life for many is turning into a living nightmare while the loan sharks and drug pushers leech off the most vulnerable. These hardships are no accident but flow directly from the crisis of the bosses’ system, capitalism.

For the boss class any hardship, war or ecological disaster is worthwhile as they desperately try to boost their profits. This grim situation has developed whether Parliament and the Town Halls are filled with Tory or Labour. Hoping that we will be fooled by “old wine in new bottles” Momentum has dragged many desperate people back into the deceit that electing well-meaning representatives can somehow challenge the horrors of capitalism. Organising ourselves to start a fight back has never been more important. If we want to start on the road to a better future then we have to make sure sure that the Labour Party and their hangers on don’t lock us into the bosses’ system.

Join us to discuss these ideas and the way forward.

When: Wednesday, 17 April 2019, at 7pm

Where: The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW. Ask for the 'communist' meeting at the reception.

Communist Workers' Organisation