Liverpool Public Meeting



Whoever You Vote For... The Bosses Still Win!

Once again the working class is being urged to play a part in keeping up the pretence that electing M.P.s can provide us with a better future. This is a lie that we need to resist.

In Britain there has been almost a century of "Universal Suffrage". Now, in 2019, the working class is faced with the "gig economy", Universal Credit, queues for Food Banks, shortage of housing, hospitals and schools creaking at the seams, and working class communities continuously being destroyed with young people prey to the fantasies and poisons peddled by both social media and drug dealers.

The Labour Party and all its supporters hope that they can again become Her Majesty's Government by relying on working class votes. Like every other Labour Government, the next one will run the bosses' system not help to overthrow it. The Blair Government waged wars to try and preserve British influence in the imperialist world order and Brown's Government used billions of pounds to prop up the capitalist banking system. Further back, as the capitalist system moved into crisis, it was Callaghan's Labour Government in the 1970's that cut spending on public services to get a loan from the International Monetary Fund.

Any improvements that working people get from a Labour, or any other Government, will always be limited by the need to maintain the bosses' system based on profit not need. Any steps forward will be clawed back or disappear when capitalism sees a need.

Don't Fall for Capitalism's Election Con Trick! For Communist Abstention!

When: Saturday, 30 November 2019, at 12pm

Where: The Caledonia, Liverpool, L7 7DX

Communist Workers' Organisation