New Internationalist Communist Publication

Besides the correspondence in this issue of Internationalist Communist further evidence of a wider interest in the revolutionary traditions of internationalist communism comes from Canada. Here a group of “Left Communist workers” who have been taking part in a discussion circle in Montreal got together to produce a paper called Internationalist Notes.

Without doubt its standpoint is broadly that of proletarian internationalism. It declares (in an echo of our own positions) that

Our aim as workers is the establishment of a stateless, classless, moneyless society without exploitation, national frontiers or standing armies. To achieve this we struggle to join other forces of the Communist Left in view of building a new International for the promotion of world revolution.

The first issue has an excellent balance between articles on the communist programme and the current realities facing the working class both in Canada and internationally. As yet we have only had a preliminary exchange with these comrades (significantly, over the IBRP’s differences with the ICC!). Hopefully we will be able to publish future dialogue between us in a future issue. In the meantime, although Internationalist Notes is free we urge sympathisers to send at least the cost of postage to obtain this new step forward for the working class.

Internationalist Notes can be contacted at:

c/o C.P. 266, Succ “C”
Montreal, QC, Canada
H2L 4K1