Mexican miners

The protest of 1500 mine workers from Cananea, in Messico, is still ongoing, from the 11th of September, and has been followed by strikes in other mines, in Zacatecas and Taxco.

Thousands of miners have been striking since July to have more decent working conditions, a minimum of security and against the repressive measures the government has taken in the confrontation with the most militant workers.

The entire town depends on the work of the miners and at the moment it is living through ever more difficult conditions; there are serious shortages of food and medicine and almost all the workers have no wages.

Nevertheless, the strikers are not giving up. They say they have no choice because they can no longer live and work in those conditions and will continue the fight. This struggle shows how in conditions of crisis, proletarian anger makes all the workers ever more militant and capable of anything, but without the leadership of a class party that knows how to direct them, such struggles are in danger of remaining isolated and can inflict huge damage on the most militant proletarians.