Date Publications Title
2014-04-17 Battaglia Comunista Against the Exploitation, Poverty and Barbarism of Capitalism
2014-04-08 Battaglia Comunista A Century Since the Massacres of the First World Imperialist War
2014-03-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Onorato Damen and the Italian Left
2014-03-21 Documents War Games — Ukraine as the Focus of Imperialist Conflict
2014-03-16 Documents Class War in South Africa
2014-03-13 Documents Egypt’s Workers’ Ongoing Struggle
2014-03-11 Battaglia Comunista The Historical and Transitory Character of Wage Labour
2014-03-11 Documents Capitalism kills; kill capitalism!
2014-03-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation - A Reply to the Commune
2014-03-04 Documents The Problem of Nationalism and the GKM (Group of Communist Maximalists), Russia/Ukraine
2014-02-27 Aurora (en) Remembering the First World War: Ruling Class Battle for Hearts and Minds
2014-02-26 Documents 30 Years On: The Miners' Last Great Strike Today
2014-02-26 Documents Venezuela: Recent Events since the Death of Chavez and the Election of Maduro
2014-02-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Climate Change: The Alternative is Social Collapse or Socialism
2014-02-23 Documents Bosnian Revolt: Nationalism, "Democracy" and Class
2014-02-23 Aurora (en) Bashing the Poor
2014-02-16 Aurora (en) Their "Plan for our Recovery": Over Our Dead Bodies
2014-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Amazon – A Modern Capitalist Microcosm
2014-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Housing is a Basic Need Not a Commodity
2014-02-12 Documents Canada Post: Victory comes through the extension of our struggle
2014-02-11 Revolutionary Perspectives ‘Recovery’: Whose Recovery?
2014-02-03 Documents Ukraine - A Nationalist Dead End
2014-02-03 Documents USA - How a Republic Enforces its Order
2014-02-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #03
2014-01-31 Documents Welcome to Greece!
2014-01-28 Documents The Scandal of Sanctions against Claimants is all Part of the “Plan for Recovery”
2014-01-14 Battaglia Comunista European Proposals on Youth Unemployment
2014-01-06 Documents Class Warfare in Cambodia
2013-12-14 Documents Iran: The Ruling Class Unites Around Rouhani’s Nuclear Diplomacy
2013-12-10 Documents Mandela – A Hero for Capitalism
2013-12-05 Documents Imperialist Tensions Shift to the Far East
2013-12-01 Documents Cuba: another revolution?
2013-11-15 Battaglia Comunista Italy: Hunger, sweat and tears whilst waiting for the (supposed) recovery
2013-11-15 Documents Typhoon Haiyan Wreaks Havoc in the Philippines: as usual the poorest pay the highest price
2013-11-09 Documents Marxism and Anarchism
2013-11-02 Documents Grangemouth: A Chronicle of our Time
2013-10-29 Aurora (en) Global warming: Capitalism is Dragging Us to Catastrophe
2013-10-27 L'Internationale Why Do We Lose All the Time?
2013-10-26 Aurora (en) No Justice for Workers
2013-10-25 Aurora (en) Good News For Capital - For the Working Class: The Mixture As Before
2013-10-24 Books For Communism
2013-10-16 Documents Saving Stocksbridge Leisure Centre – The Limits of Local Action
2013-10-15 Documents The Need for an Alternative
2013-10-15 Documents UK Recovery? It’s a Red Cross disaster area.
2013-10-15 Documents Youth - Fight for a Future or Accept There is No Future.
2013-10-15 Aurora (en) Aurora #2013-10-15
2013-10-09 Battaglia Comunista Lampedusa Disaster
2013-10-09 Documents The Real Dilemma is not "Parliamentarism OR Fascism" But "Socialism OR Barbarism"
2013-09-16 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Germany’s Election Spectacle 2013: We have no choice but the class struggle!
2013-09-14 Documents Lehman Brothers 5 Years On: The Emperor Still Has No Clothes
2013-09-12 Documents Syria: Another Unending Imperialist Agony
2013-08-31 Prometeo The Continuing Crisis in Egypt, More Power Games While the Masses Are Dying Of Hunger And Poverty
2013-08-30 Documents Antonio Gramsci "Pre-Prison Writings": Review Article
2013-08-18 Documents Immigration Clampdown – Don’t Let Them Divide Us
2013-08-17 Documents The Egyptian Proletariat Between the Hammer and the Anvil of the Bourgeoisie
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Internationalist Communist Party of Italy
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives ON THE UNION QUESTION
2013-08-10 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #02
2013-08-06 Revolutionary Perspectives An Exchange with Supporters of the Occupy Movement
2013-08-03 Revolutionary Perspectives The Difficult Path to an International Workers’ Fight-back
2013-07-13 Internationalist Notes Small Arms and Big Capital
2013-07-12 Revolutionary Perspectives East Germany 1953-83: Repression and Recession
2013-07-12 Revolutionary Perspectives Remembering East Germany 1953
2013-07-12 Documents Against Repression: Solidarity with our Canadian Comrades
2013-07-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Street Protests and Class Power: Reflections on Current Events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
2013-07-05 Documents Remembering the Workers’ Rising in East Germany 1953
2013-07-04 Documents Egypt’s Crisis Goes On: Power Struggles at the Top Whilst Those at the Bottom Die of Hunger and Poverty
2013-06-26 Documents Brazil: Even the BRICs are showing signs of crisis and social fragmentation
2013-06-22 Notes Internationalistes Quebec Construction Strike: Let’s Stop the Employers for Good
2013-06-18 Documents Update on Turkey
2013-06-15 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Protest movement in Turkey: The Only Perspective is Class Struggle!
2013-06-06 Documents Some Considerations on the Demonstrations in Turkey
2013-06-05 Documents From Saving a Park to 500,000 Workers on Strike: Background to the events in Turkey
2013-05-30 Documents Stockholm is Burning
2013-05-27 Prometeo Syria: The Story of A Civil War Foretold
2013-05-23 Documents Against the system of oppression and exploitation
2013-05-21 Documents Ten Theses on the Communist Project Today
2013-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Bordiga: Beyond the Myth: Five Letters and An Outline of Disagreement
2013-05-01 Aurora (en) Aurora #2013-05-01
2013-04-30 Aurora (en) Here in Britain
2013-04-30 Aurora (en) Against the “Class War” of the Rich:Time to Fight!
2013-04-28 Documents Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Workers Lives are Expendable for Capital
2013-04-25 Documents Against fascism, against bourgeois democracy. For Communism!
2013-04-17 Documents Thatcher is Dead but the System that Spawned Her Has to be Buried
2013-04-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Eurozone Crawls Towards Federation
2013-04-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Imperialist Rivalry in the Pacific
2013-04-07 Notes Internationalistes Quebec: We have to stand up to fight to win
2013-04-01 Internationalist Notes USA: A PR Campaign for Austerity—A More “Flexible” System of Layoffs in the Offing for Workers
2013-03-29 Documents Migrants And Italians United In Struggle - Why Not a Strike?
2013-03-18 Documents Hugo Chávez: Neither Socialist Nor Anti-Imperialist
2013-03-07 Documents The Events in Port Said
2013-03-03 Battaglia Comunista New Government, Same Bosses
2013-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #01
2013-02-26 Aurora (en) The Problem is the Global Capitalist Crisis
2013-02-23 Aurora (en) Is the Worm Turning?
2013-02-20 Documents If one Pope dies they just create another ...
2013-02-19 Internationalist Notes Christopher Dorner – A Capitalist Tragedy
2013-02-15 Aurora (en) Aurora #2013-02-15
2013-02-06 Battaglia Comunista The Vote is only a Trick
2013-02-03 Documents Niger: Act Two of French Imperialism’s Campaign in West Africa
2013-01-26 Aurora (en) Bedroom Tax: Another Vicious Attack on the Working Class
2013-01-23 Documents Press release: Solidarity with Two Activists Arrested in Moscow
2013-01-22 Documents Western Imperialism Pulls the Strings in Mali
2013-01-20 Internationalist Notes Michigan Protests: A Defeat Led by the Unions
2013-01-13 Documents The Belfast Flag Riots: Nation or Class?
2012-12-18 Documents Egypt: Caught Between Internal Tensions and International Manoeuvring
2012-12-16 Internationalist Notes Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Clerical Workers Strike
2012-12-14 Documents The Pathetic Path of Italian Politics
2012-11-24 Documents Another Crisis in the Middle East
2012-11-16 Documents Correspondence from Russia
2012-11-15 Documents Class Struggle Recognises no Borders: We Win Internationally or We Lose Patriotically
2012-11-06 Battaglia Comunista What is the Alternative?
2012-11-04 Other texts A New Political Voice in Greece
2012-11-03 Documents The Class War Behind the Blacklist
2012-10-29 Aurora (en) Unions and the Labour Movement: The Enemy Within
2012-10-29 Aurora (en) A Future that Works is One Without Capitalism
2012-10-26 Documents Capitalist Crisis, Causes and Consequences – A brief overview.
2012-10-17 Aurora (en) South Africa: This is Class War
2012-10-17 Aurora (en) Aurora #2012-10-15
2012-10-12 Documents The Crisis in Iran
2012-10-11 Documents No to Cuts= The Political Struggle for Socialism
2012-10-07 Documents Military Coup in Greece?
2012-10-03 Internationalist Notes Internationalist Notes #2
2012-10-02 Documents Wildcat South Africa: Marikana Miners Return - Other Miners Come Out
2012-09-30 Internationalist Notes One Year Since the Wisconsin Protests
2012-09-28 Internationalist Notes The Grand Spectacle: Capitalist Elections and the Permanent War
2012-09-25 Other texts On the Recent Events in the Arab World
2012-09-24 Revolutionary Perspectives The Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall, the Crisis and its ‘Detractors’
2012-09-20 Other texts Hillsborough: 23 Years Fighting the Bosses’ Lie Machine
2012-09-18 Revolutionary Perspectives CWO Annual General Meeting and Perspectives for the Coming Period
2012-09-17 Documents It’s Time to Open a New Season of Proletarian Struggle
2012-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #62
2012-09-13 Other texts Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
2012-09-12 Texts Our Intervention Within the Working Class
2012-09-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Post-Mubarak Egypt: The Struggle for a Meaningful Existence Does not Stop
2012-09-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Under Capitalism the Housing Problem Never Goes Away
2012-09-02 Revolutionary Perspectives Fighting Workfare
2012-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Austerity Britain: Capitalism's New Normal
2012-08-30 Documents The Brick
2012-08-29 Revolutionary Perspectives Olympic Circus Comes to Town
2012-08-25 Revolutionary Perspectives No Pussy Footing with Putin’s Regime
2012-08-25 Revolutionary Perspectives South Africa - Striking Miners Massacred by Police
2012-08-20 Documents Platinum and Lead Kill South African Miners
2012-08-08 Documents The Libyan Elections
2012-06-29 Texts The Egyptian "Spring" Between Reaction and Conservatism
2012-06-19 Documents The Struggle of the Asturian Miners
2012-06-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Moralism is no Substitute for a Materialist Understanding
2012-06-15 Revolutionary Perspectives It’s Coming Yet For All That …
2012-06-11 Revolutionary Perspectives Report on the Manchester Meeting of the CWO
2012-06-11 Revolutionary Perspectives One Law for the Rich...
2012-06-05 Documents Serious Event at the Parma ICT Office
2012-05-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Syria: Caught in the Vice of Imperialism
2012-05-24 Documents Sudan: Open War for Oil Breaks Out Again
2012-05-21 Internationalist Notes Update on Wisconsin: Elections and Austerity
2012-05-20 Documents Presidential Election in France
2012-05-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Workfare: A Scroungers Charter
2012-05-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Red Squares in Quebec
2012-05-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #61
2012-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives The Eurozone Crisis: There is an Alternative but it is not on Any Electoral List
2012-05-13 Aurora (en) Aurora #2012-05-01
2012-05-13 Documents Putin's Plutocratic Rule Continues
2012-05-06 Aurora (en) May Day 2012: Empty Ritual or Working Class Celebration?
2012-04-28 Documents There is an Alternative But We Need to Fight For It
2012-04-22 Documents Where We Come From - A Brief History
2012-04-19 Documents Open Letter To Our Fellow Workers in Germany
2012-04-15 Documents Down with patriotism - Long live internationalism
2012-04-10 Documents Bradford West: A Victory for Capitalist Democracy
2012-03-21 Documents Fascist Intimidation in Bolzano
2012-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Falklands War = War Against Workers
2012-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Thirty Years On: The Falklands War and the Working Class
2012-03-06 Documents Solidarity with the Greek Proletariat
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #60
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Beyond Protest
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Britain: All in it Together?
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Occupy Movement – Just Another Diversion?
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives "The Revolt of the Pitchforks" and the Southern Proletariat
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Social Protests in Romania
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives ANC – A Hundred Years in the Service of Capital
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Murder and Manoeuvre in the Middle East
2012-02-23 Documents Update: More Manoeuvres by the Greek Stalinists
2012-02-21 Documents A Stalinist welcome to a Nazi intervention into a workers strike in Greece
2012-01-20 Documents Occupy Atlanta: An Insight into the Occupy Movement
2012-01-15 Books The ltalian Left and the Formation of the Communist Party of ltaly
2011-12-31 Documents Solidarity with the Kazakh Working Class!
2011-12-27 Documents The Russia We Love and Defend
2011-12-26 Documents Some Reflections on the Attacks on the Euro
2011-12-18 Documents Class Solidarity with Senegalese Immigrants!
2011-12-11 Documents Unilever Workers Isolated by Unions
2011-12-11 Documents Eurozone Deal and the Isolation of the British Bourgeoisie is No Affair of the Working Class
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) Aurora #2011-11-21
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) To Really Fight We Have to Unite
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) November 30: Unions Follow the Rules while the Bosses and Government Tear up the Rule Book
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) Don’t Kid Yourself This is One Crisis that Will Not Go Away
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) And for those without a job ... The Work Programme
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) There is a Real Alternative
2011-11-18 Documents The Oakland General Strike
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #59
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Difficult Path to the Revival of Working Class Struggle
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives 30 November: One Off Protest or Working Class Reawakening?
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives “Occupy the World” – Fertile Soil for Revolutionary Intervention, but No Solution to the Capitalist Crisis
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives On the October 15 Riots in Rome: violence, non-violence, class struggle
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Housing Question: An Eternal Riddle for Capitalism
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Greek General Strike - The Stalinists line up with the State
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Euro Crisis - Capitalism in a Quagmire of Debt
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Germany and the Eurocrisis: Limits to an Expansionist Project
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Predictable Course of the Egyptian "Revolution"
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Imperialist Manoeuvres in the Wake of the "Arab Spring"
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Two Texts from the Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty
2011-10-27 Documents The Unions, the Class Struggle and Communists
2011-10-05 Documents George Orwell, the fight against fascism and the Spanish Civil War
2011-10-02 Documents Solidarity and the Sparks
2011-10-01 Aurora (en) Aurora #2011-10-01
2011-10-01 Aurora (en) Get Rid of the Lot of Them!
2011-09-18 Documents Tenacious Student Battles Inflame Chile
2011-09-14 Documents The plight of workers in Romania
2011-09-11 Documents 9/11 Ten Years on
2011-09-10 Documents The Truth behind NATO’s Victory in Libya
2011-09-06 Documents Their crisis and ours
2011-08-27 Documents Bordiga: Beyond the Myth
2011-08-23 Documents The Great Unrest 1910-1914: When the Working Class Shook Britain’s Capitalist Foundations
2011-08-18 Documents Crisis in the Iranian Ruling Class
2011-08-16 Documents The International Sovereign Debt Crisis
2011-08-14 Documents The US Budget Crisis—Workers Get Downgraded
2011-08-10 Documents The Unfinished Business of the Arab Spring
2011-08-09 Documents Riots in Britain - The Fruit of Forty Years of Capitalist Crisis
2011-08-01 Documents The Crisis is Terminal; the “Recovery” is an Illusion
2011-07-28 Documents Sovereign Debt and the Fight Against the System
2011-07-24 Documents Famine in the Horn of Africa
2011-07-23 Documents News International and the Lie of a “Free Press”
2011-07-22 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #58
2011-07-20 Documents The Aged, Mentally Impaired, and Children: Who Cares?
2011-07-14 Documents Solidarity appeal for the renovation of Gondolkodo Autonom Antikvarium (Gondolkodo Autonomous Bookshop)
2011-06-30 Aurora (en) Aurora #2011-06-30
2011-06-30 Aurora (en) There is an Alternative - It is Anti-Capitalist
2011-06-30 Aurora (en) In UK and elsewhere, global resistance has to be based on working class struggle
2011-06-14 Documents Tornado Terror and Capitalist Calamity
2011-06-13 Documents Syria: So Many Deaths, So Many Illusions to be Shattered
2011-06-03 Documents Indignados - Document of the "Labour Commission" in Rome
2011-05-29 Documents The Strange Death of Osama Bin Laden
2011-05-24 Documents When Will We Really Begin to Struggle?
2011-05-24 Documents Spain - The "indignados" on the streets, for now lacking real proletarian anger
2011-05-01 Aurora (en) Aurora #2011-05-01
2011-05-01 Aurora (en) May Day 2011: The Deepening World Crisis Calls for a Real Class Struggle!
2011-05-01 Aurora (en) ... Meanwhile in the UK
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Revolutionary Perspectives #57
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives RP57 - Editorial
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Fighting the Cuts Means Fighting Capitalism