Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation

A new booklet from the CWO is now out!

The issue of “consciousness” is one of the most important for the working class and for revolutionaries. Behind it lies the really big questions, such as “How can capitalism be destroyed?”, and “Is the working class capable of creating a new society?”…

It is our aim to address these and other questions here but not as abstract philosophy. Our approach will be unashamedly historical and attempt to draw out the real experience of the working class in its struggles of the last two centuries. Its contents cover

  1. Idealism and bourgeois materialism
  2. How working class consciousness develops
  3. Marx, Engels and proletarian organisation
  4. The era of social democracy and the fight against revisionism
  5. On the eve of revolution: the debate between Luxemburg and Lenin
  6. Class consciousness and working class political organisations
  7. Party and class in the revolutionary wave 1917-1921
  8. The decline of the Russian Revolution and the cult of the party
  9. The idealism of Bordigism
  10. By way of conclusion: towards proletarian world revolution

56pp £4 (includes postage) from the group address