Came across an interesting one recently to do with the governments 'prevent' policy. I do a bit of volunteering for the Alzheimers Society and they have got rather keen on training lately.

This is what i am supposed to sign after doing an online module on recognising terrorists/extremists:

It shows clearly how anti terrorism spill over and are used against anyone who steps out of line. The interchangeability of 'terrorist' and 'extremist' in parts of this module is quite worrying. I got bullshited about how its really only about helping vulnerable adults if we see someone taking their money but all i can focus on is the extremist bit. I dont think anybody need have any compunction about signing this if they have to work for wages for any employer that requires this to be done but i have now to decide whether i can sign it just to volunteer. And probably just by querying it, I could have someone reporting me??