Setup in Charlottevilles

sorry my english is bad, so i publish in french

Excellent article, bravo.

Il reste un sujet plus pratique, que fait-on pratiquement avec les manifestations d'extrême droite?

1- doit-on promouvoir la formation de milice ouvrière?

2- distribuer un tract sur la nécessité du parti?

3- participer tout simplement aux manifestations anti-raciste?

4- dénoncer ces manifestations anti-racistes?


I translate this as "Excellent article, bravo but there remains one more practical issue - what do we do with (in?) demonstrations of the far right. 1. must we promote workers' militancy? 2 give out leaflets on the need for the party? 3. just take part in anti-racist demonstrations? 4. denounce these anti racist demonstrations?

I don't think you have understood the message in the article which is that this whole affair is a diversion to take us away from the class terrain. Yes if the neo-fascists attempt to enter a working class area we fight them as the class (as in Oltretorrente (Parma) in 1921 or even in San Francisco last month where dock workers ended the prospect of a fascist hate-speaker). But to line up with the pro-democracy anti-fascist line is not lining up with the class - it is lining up with the very democratic state that exploits workers daily. And promoting workers' militancy is not enough or even the issue - it is promoting their self-conscious class action to act autonomously of all capitalist factions that is the issue.