Israel and its blatant imperialism

This country has now been systematically murdering Palestinians for years. It has aggressively invaded is neighbours and fought against them in imperialist wars to exploit this beautiful region. What country is this?


It sits like a loaded pistol among the Arab states. Recently legislation was passed in Israel that allowed the displacement of nearly 150,000 Palestinians. It is revolting that this is tolerated by the upholders of 'freedom' in this world. But it is. And will continue to be. This is because Israel is a beacon of Imperialist Intervention in the Middle East, an outpost of exploitation. It is there so that imperialist powers can continue to have a foothold in this beautiful region, as to taint it and strip it of its wealth. During wars and skirmishes between Arab nations and the oppressive world powers, Israel did not fail to aid the imperialists with everything they had. As if more proof were needed, Amerika pours millions of dollars into Israel, and it is apparently an incredibly "strong" bond. Ha. When Israel has outlived its usefulness it will be cast away.

In 1958, Egypt nationalised an integral part of its economy - the Suez canal. It was perfectly justified in doing so - so that this area may serve the people rather than corporate interests. The British Foreign Secretary recently had reinforced the view that the Suez canal was so integral. Yet when the route to their oil concessions was threatened, the Anglo-French imperialists became angry. And they invaded the Suez canal not to defend liberty or to stop a genocide, but because their companies suffered. And again we see how Israel launches military action as a base of imperialism in the Middle East. Israel attacked Egypt for nationalising a part of Egypt.

The same thing happens again and again - Gaddafi, a man who begged Obama to stop slaughtering his citizens, and called him his son. His protests fell on deaf ears. Jerusalem, now the "capital" of an illegitimate state only at the whim of that bully the USA. So how do we stop this? The International community won't. We must do it ourselves. Speak out comrades, let the world hear your voice. Strike for freedom for Palestine, liberty to all those under the yoke of imperialism. My friends - fight for justice!

Opinions on this subject?


Fighting imperialism cannot be separated from fighting capitalism, it cannot become support for this or that regime against another, rather it is support for revolution.

You say "In 1958, Egypt nationalised an integral part of its economy - the Suez canal. It was perfectly justified in doing so - so that this area may serve the people rather than corporate interests."

Well maybe justified in the eyes of certain sectors of the Egyptian bourgeoisie but nothing for proletarians to support.

Nationalisation is no step to socialism.

Again, this is not ignoring imperialism, this is the sober assessment that there is no way out of imperialist horror bar proletarian autonomy and revolutionary organisation.

I think Stevein this is a post from an Arab nationalist point of view. Israel does owe its existence to a certain conjunctural factors of imtermational imperialism - both the USSR and the USA promoted its cause initially as they both looked for a reliable bridgehead in the richest oil producing region in the world. The dispossession of the Palestinians via a series of atrocities was the result. But why pick out only Israeli imperialism and its undoubted ruthless brutality? What about Saudi Arabia's indiscriminate bombing and blockade of Yemen? What about the murderous Assad's regime being secured via Russian air power? We live in the epoch of imperialism and the various ruling classes/bourgeoisies (including even the Palestinian) will use the nationalist card to get people to fight and die for them. The solution to the Palestinian tragedy will not come within the confines of capitalism and imperialism but only with its overthrow. And then the question will not be about a one state or a two state solution in the Israel/Palestine territory but a no state solution as a new cooperative mode of production replaces national frontiers, exploitation and oppression.

Latest little instalment on the Labour Anti Semitism hypocrisy is Corbyn apologising for speaking at events with others whose views he clais to reject. Reading the article on the matter, I noticed this little line from here

where the International Holocaust Remebrance Alliance claims that denying the right to the Jewish people of self determination is anti semitic.

Perhaps this could be an issue for us?

That is not what the IHRA says. It says that calling Israel's foundation "a racist state" is anti-semitic. The current Israeli government seems increasingly racist but less so than Salvini in Italy, Modi in India, the current Polish and Hungarian leaders (who are anti-semitic despite Netanyahu's overtures to them), the Buddhists in Myanmar etc etc. Stereotyping or labelling all people of the same nationality culture or whatever is a way of robbing of them of both their personal and class identity. After the Heysel disaster in 1985 we were in Italy (we were actually watching the match on TV it with Italian school and many people who were British (not us) were attacked that week. But being lumped with those who were responsible for that disaster was a small taste of the casual racism that all minorities in any culture have to face. Communist don't enter such games. Corbyn's achilles heel is that he has shared platforms with Holocaust deniers and outright anti-semites in his capacity as Chair of Stop the War (a campaign originally explicitly set up in cooperation with Muslim organisations in the UK over the Iraq War - although I suspect many of these have since distanced themselves from it). For some in that organisation supporting the Palestinians meant calling for the destruction of the state of Israel. We are for the destruction of all states but taking sides in an inter-imperialist struggle is part and parcel of the methodology of the capitalist left. For a saner view you might like to read this excellent article by a left communist in the new online US journal Intransigence. It is one of the best I have ever read.

Well, I think others can judge but when I read the statement, it does not pivot on calling Israel a racist state which is given only as an example of what I see the essential point of denying the Jewish people the right to self determination which they regard as constituting anti Semitism.

The line is

“ Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.”

That to me says that the issue is self determination, denial of which is, they say, anti-Semitic.

So what? In the epoch of imperialism we are not in favour of national self-determination for any state - we are internationalists and for the abolition of all states. That's it. If you want to enter into the niceties of how the bourgeoisie express it that's up to you but it is not the issue for us.

I think you see it from a perspective other than mine. I was not arguing for or against self determination for the "Jewish people". The State could possibly use this against organisations. The niceties of how the bourgeois express it could be a legal issue. I am not arguing for Jewish, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness' States...