Anti-union strikes in Poland?

It seems postal workers have self-organised a number of demonstrations for higher wages and to voice their concerns regarding other workplace grievances. By self-organised I mean there's no real involvement from any institutional parties or trade unions, the latter of which have tried to sabotage the movement at every stage (and for which they have received the blessings of the employers...). It looks like the postal workers have set up some kind of strike committee made out of delegates (simply called Listonosze Polska, Postal Workers Poland) to organise the whole thing.

Statements from the committee express their total dissatisfaction with the unions, and their pride in the fact that the demonstrations were organised by workers themselves rather than union bureaucrats or political opportunists. It's very much a step in the right direction. But at the same time, it seems quite narrowly economistic in tone ('we don't want anything to do with big politics', etc. likely due to the influence of anarcho-syndicalists). Fighting for higher wages is a start, but if you want to really challenge capital, you have to question existing social relations (i.e. why do we have to work for wages in the first place?). You can't do that if you self-impose a blanket ban on wider political questions (which unfortunately dominate every aspect of our lives).