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Date People Title
2019-08-09 Gramsci: Between Marxism and Idealism
2019-08-07 Gramsci between Marxism and Idealism
2019-03-13 Ossinsky's Demand for Clear Answers (April 1918)
2019-02-21 Bukharin's Review of Lenin's The State and Revolution
2019-01-14 The Sorry Spectacle of “Marxists” in Defence of Chinese “Collective Capitalism”
2018-12-22 The Fraction-Party Question in the Italian Left
2018-11-09 A Hundred Years On: Lessons of the German Revolution
2018-10-02 Bordiga Beyond the Myth
2018-08-13 Italy: Is Salvini’s League a Nazi Party?
2018-07-16 Italy: The “Government of Change” is still anti-Working Class
2018-06-17 Protectionism and “globalisation” have the same mother: the crisis of capital
2018-04-16 Syria: The Real Significance of the US Bombardment
2018-03-15 Italian Elections: there’s nothing more depressing in a desert of ideas and perspectives
2018-03-05 Rosa Luxemburg’s The Russian Revolution
2018-01-21 Bitcoin: Make Way for Cryptomoney!
2018-01-03 Trump’s Tax “Reform” – The Robbery of the Century
2017-12-16 Trump and Jerusalem
2017-08-19 Syria – The Final Chapter?
2017-08-14 The War in Syria and Shifting Imperialist Positions
2017-06-30 The USA, Qatar and ‘New’ Imperialist Alignments
2017-04-08 It’s War
2017-02-22 Trump: I have a dream, more pollution and poverty for all (or nearly all)
2017-02-13 Class Composition in the Crisis
2017-01-31 In the Tradition of the Communist Left on the Path of International Revolution
2016-12-21 Some Quick Observations on the Events in Berlin
2016-12-15 Castro’s Legacy
2016-12-09 A Memoir of Onorato Damen
2016-12-07 Is the Working Class Right Wing?
2016-10-27 On Deutsche Bank, its financial crimes and the unending crisis
2016-10-13 The Party Question
2016-10-04 The Turkish Imperialist U-turn in Syria
2016-07-24 Letter from Mexico on Teachers Fight against Privatisation of Schools
2016-07-23 United States: On the Events of Dallas and Baton Rouge
2016-07-18 Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either
2016-07-02 The Istanbul and Dhaka Attacks
2016-06-06 Strikes in France - A Brief Introduction
2016-04-16 The Libyan Tragedy is not Over
2016-03-29 The Class Composition of the Islamic State
2016-03-21 Finance, Money and … Helicopters
2015-11-27 Turkey Downs a Russian Warplane
2015-10-13 Putin’s Latest Move in Syria
2015-09-08 Zimmerwald: Lenin Leads the Struggle of the Revolutionary Left for a New International
2015-08-31 Turkey, ISIS, Gas and the Shifting Imperialist Balance
2015-08-04 On the Supposed International Economic Recovery
2015-07-21 Greece - Notes Following the July 5 Referendum
2015-06-04 Vercesi, the Italian Fraction Abroad and the Internationalist Communist Party
2015-05-23 May 1915: Italian Entry into World War One and Internationalist Opposition
2015-05-18 Saudi Arabia, Religion in the Service of Imperialism
2015-05-01 DON'T VOTE
2015-04-24 Tragedy at Sea or the Barbarism of Profit?
2015-03-21 The Tunisian Attacks
2015-03-01 Bologna 1919: A page from history
2015-02-27 LIBYA: How Far Has Imperialist Barbarism Gone in Gaddafi’s Old Empire?
2015-02-09 August 1914 –When Social Democracy Went to War
2015-01-23 The Crisis is Not Going Away
2015-01-21 Lenin's Legacy
2015-01-05 Will SYRIZA save us from the clutches of “European” capitalism?
2014-12-10 The Price of Oil Collapses Whilst Imperialist Competition Rises
2014-10-30 IS – Imperialist Barbarism Continues
2014-10-15 Iraq, The New Caliphate, IS and the Wider Imperialist Manoeuvres
2014-10-13 You Can’t Build the Party Playing with Paradoxes
2014-08-10 Iraq and the New Caliphate of the Islamic State (ISIS)
2014-08-06 Another War for Oil on Libya’s Battered Soil
2014-07-14 The Ongoing Barbarism of Two Nationalisms: Hamas and Israel exploit their mutual weaknesses to revive their national agendas within the increasingly critical Middle East region
2014-06-09 Ukraine’s Crisis – Local Players and Imperialist Games
2014-04-17 Against the Exploitation, Poverty and Barbarism of Capitalism
2014-04-08 A Century Since the Massacres of the First World Imperialist War
2014-03-26 Onorato Damen and the Italian Left
2014-02-26 Venezuela: Recent Events since the Death of Chavez and the Election of Maduro
2014-01-14 European Proposals on Youth Unemployment
2013-12-05 Imperialist Tensions Shift to the Far East
2013-11-15 Italy: Hunger, sweat and tears whilst waiting for the (supposed) recovery
2013-09-14 Lehman Brothers 5 Years On: The Emperor Still Has No Clothes
2013-08-31 The Continuing Crisis in Egypt, More Power Games While the Masses Are Dying Of Hunger And Poverty
2013-08-30 Antonio Gramsci "Pre-Prison Writings": Review Article
2013-08-13 The Internationalist Communist Party of Italy
2013-07-04 Egypt’s Crisis Goes On: Power Struggles at the Top Whilst Those at the Bottom Die of Hunger and Poverty
2013-06-26 Brazil: Even the BRICs are showing signs of crisis and social fragmentation
2013-06-06 Some Considerations on the Demonstrations in Turkey
2013-05-27 Syria: The Story of A Civil War Foretold
2013-05-15 Bordiga: Beyond the Myth: Five Letters and An Outline of Disagreement
2013-03-07 The Events in Port Said
2013-02-20 If one Pope dies they just create another ...
2013-02-03 Niger: Act Two of French Imperialism’s Campaign in West Africa
2013-01-22 Western Imperialism Pulls the Strings in Mali
2012-12-18 Egypt: Caught Between Internal Tensions and International Manoeuvring
2012-11-24 Another Crisis in the Middle East
2012-09-25 On the Recent Events in the Arab World
2012-09-24 The Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall, the Crisis and its ‘Detractors’
2012-08-20 Platinum and Lead Kill South African Miners
2012-08-08 The Libyan Elections
2012-06-29 The Egyptian "Spring" Between Reaction and Conservatism
2011-12-31 Solidarity with the Kazakh Working Class!
2011-12-27 The Russia We Love and Defend
2011-12-26 Some Reflections on the Attacks on the Euro
2011-09-11 9/11 Ten Years on
2011-08-27 Bordiga: Beyond the Myth
2011-08-16 The International Sovereign Debt Crisis
2011-05-29 The Strange Death of Osama Bin Laden
2011-03-19 The Libyan Crisis: Imperialism Prepares New “Democratic” Bombs
2011-03-03 Libya: A Preliminary Statement
2011-02-21 Political Slime and Crisis in Italy
2011-02-19 Egypt: After Mubarak
2011-02-15 Bourgeois Violence and Proletarian Defence
2011-02-01 Beyond Bourgeois Barriers - For the Class Autonomy of the Egyptian and Maghrebian Proletarian Masses
2011-01-21 Damen on Bordiga - CWO Introduction
2011-01-21 Amadeo Bordiga - Beyond the Myth and the Rhetoric
2010-09-15 A Wild Beast is Stalking Europe
2010-06-25 Gaza: Why so Much Violence?
2010-04-13 Kyrgyzstan - at the Heart of Russian-US Rivalry
2010-03-17 Centralised Party, Yes - Centralism over the Party, No!
2009-11-24 The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Death of Onorato Damen
2009-11-24 The Fall in the Average Rate of Profit - the Crisis and its Consequences
2009-09-16 Does the tendency for average profit rates to fall exist?
2009-09-15 Elections in Afghanistan
2009-09-01 The Cost of the Crisis So Far
2009-07-01 FIAT-Chrysler’s Historic Agreement a Sign of the Crisis
2009-07-01 The Obama Speech: New Words, Old Policies
2009-04-15 The End of the Paper Economy and Some Possible Consequences
2008-09-01 South Ossetia: Fulcrum of Imperialism’s “Great Game”
2008-03-01 Re-reading Marx in the Light of the Sub-prime Crisis
2007-02-16 Lebanon: The Next War Won’t Be Just a Civil War
2007-02-16 From Worker Aristocracy To Insecurity
2007-02-16 The Revenge of Russian Imperialism?
2006-11-01 1956: Class Revolts in Poland and Hungary
2006-08-01 Gas Follows Oil
2006-08-01 France: Contract of First Employment Shows that Capitalism’s Laws Know no Borders
2006-03-01 Hamas Victory - The Reasons for Victory and the Perspective for Palestinians
2005-11-01 Reformists new and old spread their illusions - The Recuperated Factories in Argentina
2005-08-01 In Tribute to Mauro Stefanini Jr.
2005-07-03 Mauro Stefanini
2005-06-01 Tributes from other comrades
2005-06-01 In Memory of Mauro who has left us so soon
2005-06-01 Terrorism and Democracy: Imperialism's Final Frontier
2005-06-01 John Paul II - the Pope Who Made Himself a Commodity - is Dead
2003-12-01 For a Definition of the Concept of Decadence
2003-08-01 The roots of the war in Iraq
2003-08-01 China, a boom with feet of clay
2003-08-01 Permanent War is American Capitalism’s Response to the Crisis
2003-03-01 The dollar in continual decline
2003-03-01 On class composition and recomposition in the globalisation of capital
2003-03-01 Porto Alegre
2002-12-01 The Palestinian tragedy
2001-08-01 The New International will be the International Party of the Proletariat
2000-10-01 Trotsky and Trotskyism
2000-10-01 US Boom: Triumph of the Paper Economy
1999-11-01 Onorato Damen
1999-11-01 The work of comrade Damen in the communist movement
1999-11-01 A Life in the Service of Class Struggle
1999-11-01 The line of conduct of the revolutionary party
1997-03-01 The monster is Capitalism
1996-12-01 1926, Last Fight in the Communist International