The Revolutionary Party and the Working Class

The document by the internationalists of Battaglia Comunista on “The Role and Structure of the Revolutionary Organisation” comes from the Second of the International Conferences called by the Internationalist Communist Party [Battaglia Comunista] which took place in 1978. It has never been published in English by us before [1] but we are doing so as part of a discussion on the role and structure...

There is No Capitalist Solution to a Deepening Economic Crisis

Introduction · The latest phase of the economic crisis which exploded in 2007/2008 still dominates the world economy. All attempts to break its grip and engineer a new period of recovery and growth have failed. Instead the crisis itself is determining political developments to the extent that our rulers are tending to lose control of the situation.

Hinkley Point – Ruling Class in Disarray after Brexit Vote


The latest postponement to the construction of the nuclear power station at Hinkley Point shows the ruling class in complete disarray. The May Government may now be on the point of reversing, not just the Cameron/Osborne policy for British nuclear energy but also their scheme to revive British capitalism with Chinese investment.

The Labour Party Crisis is a Crisis of the Capitalist Class


For decades the British ruling class used a system involving two main political parties as the democratic frontage behind which they maintained their social and economic control. The traditional role of the Labour Party has been to act as a machine to cajole working class people into the electoral circus with the illusory temptation that they had “their” party.

Brexit Vote Only Highlights Global Capitalism’s Impasse


The article which follows is the editorial to the recently published Revolutionary Perspectives 08 and the articles it refers are those in the current issue. These will be published in due course but anyone wanting a paper copy now can get it for £4 (UK) by using the means advertised on the side panel of our website.

Sanders’ Electoral Campaign in the US


The Working Class Breathing Life into Democracy or · Democracy Sucking the Life from the Working Class? · The article which follows is a debut piece written by a young sympathiser of the communist left in the USA. This is the full version which is referred to in the shorter article printed in Revolutionary Perspectives 08.

Letter from Mexico on Teachers Fight against Privatisation of Schools


We are publishing passages from a letter sent to some French comrades written by a Mexican comrade, who works in a school. He describes, albeit briefly, the climate of severe repression that has affected the struggles of school workers, who have been violently attacked - not only verbally - by the media, and by sections of the so-called civil society (including the sub-proletariat and petty...

United States: On the Events of Dallas and Baton Rouge


The following is a translation from Italian of a comment made a few hours after the Dallas Shootings and before the subsequent shootings of police in Baton Rouge. Our US comrades will be making a further statement shortly but in the meantime have sent some updates to this piece in the paragraph below. · The forces of imperialism are coming home to roost.

Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either


We could start by saying that the West and Europe must bear a lot of responsibility for so much of today’s barbarism. But perhaps it is better to say: it understandably breaks we Westerners’ hearts to see civilians, men, women, and many children crushed like so many ants due to the barbaric and murderous fury of a French Tunisian, who may or may not be a jihadist supporting a state that does not...

Coup in Turkey - People Power?


It's sometimes hard to recognise the country you live in when you see it reflected back at you through the mirror of the media. Less than 48 hours ago I saw a mass demonstration of 'people power' save the country from a military coup. If I couldn't remember the explosions, and the sonic booms shaking the apartment block that I live in.

Hungary 1956: A Workers’ Uprising Against the Party Dictatorship


It is 60 years since the intervention of the Russian Army snuffed out the brief beacon of the Hungarian Revolution in ashes, blood and dungeons. The magnitude of the events forbids the thoughtless categorisation of the Hungarian Revolution in terms of defeat or victory. The reasons why this workers’ uprising was so devastatingly defeated so that, within a short time, the peace of the grave had...

USA: Prison Struggles Spread Nationwide


Inmates at the Waupun Correctional Facility in Wisconsin began a strike against the abuse of the practice of solitary confinement at the state prison last week. Between six to twelve inmates began refusing food. Inmates can be held in solitary confinement for extended periods of time, sometimes for over a year. Authorities have ordered that the forced feedings continue.


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