A Decade Since the Financial Crash

The world economy is in poor shape and the American economy is in even worse condition. The 2008 crisis has not been resolved and many analysts fear a new financial explosion. Capital continues to stay clear of investment in production and is trying to recover without running up more debts. Company returns are low, profit rates are decreasing. Capital is moving more and more into speculation.

Fight Capitalism – Not its Symptoms


The leading article in this issue of Revolutionary Perspectives [13], “A Decade On from the Financial Crash” focuses on both the state of the world economy and the dangerous ways in which the capitalist world order proposes to deal with it in 2019. · It is not just the analysis of revolutionaries that predicts trouble ahead.

Some Further Thoughts on the Yellow Vests Movement


At the time of writing – early January 2019 – it is difficult to say whether the movement of the gilets jaunes has entered a phase of reflux before it dies down or if it is going through a pause after more than a month of intense activity and severe clashes with the state. · Perhaps, however, it is possible to identify some of the characteristics of this "insurrection" – as some exaggerated...

A Hundred Years Since the Murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht


On this day exactly a century ago Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were brutally murdered in cold blood by Freikorps troops under the command of the Social Democratic Party. It decapitated the leadership of the young German Communist Party which then oscillated between putschism and opportunism for the rest of its existence.

The Sorry Spectacle of “Marxists” in Defence of Chinese “Collective Capitalism”


An Italian comrade takes a sardonic look at the latest abasement of so-called “academic Marxists” at the feet of the new imperialist order à la chinois. · At the "Fifth European Forum on the Chinese Way" (Bologna, 14 October), promoted by the Academy for Marxism of the People's Republic of China (together with Marx21, the Gramsci Foundation and the Confucius Institute – University of Bologna),...

Peoples Assembly Election Carnival: Leftist "Yellow Vests" show their true colours


On 5 January demonstrators wearing yellow vests assembled in London to demand a ‘hard’ Brexit that will fulfil their nationalist fantasies. In reality that will not happen because it runs so sharply against the interests of the ruling class both in Britain and elsewhere in the European Union. · The proclaimed "anti-establishment" nature of the Tommy Robinsons, UKIP and its splinters, EDL,...

The Crisis of the Sudanese Regime


It was the tripling of bread prices which sparked off the current revolt in Sudan. People first took to the streets in the town of Atbara in north eastern Sudan on 19 December 2018, but they did not restrict their demands to bread even though some had not managed to find any in four days. They had had enough of the brutal military dictatorship of Omar Hassan al-Bashir which has ruled the country...

Workers' Strikes in Iran: This Time it is Different


To see the new phase of the crisis, which began with the bursting of the speculative bubble in 2008, as just a repeat of the same decades-long pattern of boom and bust, is a mistake. It is a gross misunderstanding of the impasse that capitalism has come to today. · Similarly, to think of this or that strike, this or that protest as being in the old framework, that is that it will somehow end as...

The Fraction-Party Question in the Italian Left


The document which follows was originally written in 1979, and translated in 1981 in handwritten form for discussion inside the Communist Workers’ Organisation on the tradition of the Italian Communist Left. It has recently been published in the online journal Intransigence [ but the introduction here is a much expanded.

Bosses' Political Faction Fights – Not Our Problem!


Pantomimes usually start in December and end early in the New Year. The Brexit version at the Westminster Palais looks set for an extended run. · The post-2015 Cameron Government arrogantly called the EU referendum, without procedural safeguards, to satisfy factional interests. For short-term appeasement of political opponents they risked arriving at an outcome which challenged 50 years of British...

1918 — 1968 — 2018


As 2018 draws to a close, a twofold picture emerges. On one side, the accelerating capitalist crisis. Escalating global turmoil and imperialist manoeuvres bring untold misery to Yemen, Syria and the Ukraine. The ruling class, struggling to find a solution to the economic crisis, causes political chaos and confusion in Britain and the United States.

The Yellow Vests Movement: the Crisis is Deepening


The article which follows is a translation of a contribution from a close sympathiser of the ICT in France. · The Yellow Vest movement was triggered by the announcement of higher fuel prices, both now and in future years. It does, however, reflect a much deeper anger, with many more serious causes. A simple rise in fuel prices would certainly not have caused such anger if it were not added to a...


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