Wealth Tax: Expropriation of the Rich or Capitalist Smokescreen?


Part One · A spectre is haunting Europe: the ‘Wealth Tax’ (known in Italy as the Patrimonial). This joke sums up what has now become a stock demand of so many of the "left", both inside and, above all, outside parliament and not just in Italy. By definition, a wealth tax is a form of taxation aimed at the rich, particularly the very rich, via a progressive rate that increases with the level of...

Storming of the Capitol: The Working Class Has its Own Battles to Fight


(Statement of the Internationalist Communist Tendency) · The picture we’re getting from the US is shocking and serious. The formal institutional events are the least important. Only two things matter. The first is that, even knowing that there’s no possibility of invalidating the election, Trump has fully mobilised the worst of the American reactionary world which has always seen him as the strong...

Party and Class in 1918: Vladimir Sorin on Soviet Power


The translation which follows is our latest offering from the pages of the Left Communist journal Kommunist 4 which appeared in June 1918.(1) The writer is the 25 year old Vladimir Sorin.(2) Less is known about him than many of the other contributors. Robert Daniels does not mention him at all in The Conscience of the Revolution whilst Ronald Kowalski in his The Bolshevik Party in Conflict: The...

New Year, Same Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has left the entire working class living with a new level of uncertainty. There have now been cases reported on every continent after researchers and military personnel on Antarctica recently reported their first cases. As of 29 December 2020, there have been over 81.2 million COVID-19 cases and 1.77 million deaths.

An Introduction to the Work of the CWO and ICT


(The article which follows is a transcript of an introduction to an online meeting of CWO members and sympathisers on 21 November 2020.) · What Distinguishes the ICT? · The world is full of organisations claiming to be revolutionary, communist or even internationalist. The majority of these have a theory and practice that we would not recognise in any of those categories.

Vladimir Smirnov's Contribution to the Debate on the Soviet Economy


This is the first signed article by Vladimir Smirnov in the Kommunist project. It appeared in issue 4 in June 1918. Smirnov was of the same revolutionary generation as fellow Kommunist contributors Bukharin and Ossinsky whom he met at Moscow University. Joining the Bolsheviks in 1907, he distinguished himself in 1917 by leading the artillery assault on the Kremlin and forcing the officer cadets...

Malignant Ulcers of Capitalism: The Proletarian Struggle for Reproductive Freedom (Part 2)


In our first part ( on reproductive struggles in class society, we highlighted some of the facts and dangers surrounding abortion and contraception. We also commented on the family unit and prostitution – two phenomena Marxists deem to be flipsides of one another and inseparable from the struggle for reproductive freedom.

The Illusion of State Intervention in the Economy: The Eternal Anti-Working Class Weapon of Reformism


With each new jolt to the capitalist structure its crisis deepens. The disruption of production and distribution caused by the coronavirus pandemic has only added to the existing woes of the system. And, as ever, the working class is being fed illusions about the beneficial effect that state intervention would bring to their conditions and to the "community" in general, irrespective of class.

The US Election is Over: The Capitalist Nightmare Continues!


With the election of Biden to the post of “leader” of the so-called “free world”, many are celebrating. The US ruling class are, of course, delighted to see the back of Trump whom they accuse of having made a complete mess of protecting US interests. The embarrassment of the previous four years can now be swept under the carpet and business as usual can recommence.

Turning the Planet into an Uninhabitable Hell


While capitalism’s latest child, Covid-19, rains death down on us, capitalism’s destruction of the planet is actually taking us down a path towards human extinction. According to a United Nations report published in September, the world has failed to meet any of the targets set in 2010 to protect biodiversity and one fifth of all countries are at risk of their ecosystems collapsing.

Coronavirus - Axe Falls on the Working Class


Capitalism’s continuous plunder and destruction of the natural environment is forcing animals such as bats, rodents and other small creatures into our cities. They bring their diseases with them and pass them on to humans. We have no immunity to these new viruses and the result is epidemics like SARS, MERS and the present pandemic Covid-19.

200 Years On: Engels and his Revolutionary Contribution


(Today marks 200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels. For this occasion we reproduce an article from Revolutionary Perspectives 1 (Series 3), originally published back in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of Engels’ death. It’s not a “celebration” or potted biography, it’s an attempt to evaluate his contribution to the development of Marxist method and the workers’ movement in the 19th...


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