Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes


The Extremes of Age or how Stalinists effortlessly become Democrats - A review article on The Age of Extremes The Short Twentieth Century 1914-91 by Eric Hobsbawm (Michael Joseph 1994) · A comrade asked why we were reviewing this book in ICR. It is a fair question. After all, Hobsbawm was one of the stalwarts of the British Communist Party who metamorphosed along with “the movement” first into a...

On Peace and War in Bosnia


Not a person nor a penny for the bosses' wars or their peace · Proletarians of all countries! · At last the capitalist powers have finished partitioning Yugoslavia and brought an end to the war which they themselves had fostered. · In fact socialism never existed in Yugoslavia. It was only state capitalism that finally broke apart under the impact of the economic crisis.

Workers in France show that class struggle lives


The mass resistance of mainly public sector workers to the Jupp‚ Plan has not broken any new ground but it has been a reminder of what the working class is capable of. With all the arrogance of a party that has a massive parliamentary majority combined with the pressures to fulfil the Maastricht criteria for European monetary union, Chirac's Gaullists hit out at the working class on all fronts.

Platform of Internationalist Communist Union Groups


(From no. 11 of Battaglia Comunista 1963) · How many Internationalist Communists are there? Too few for an insurrection but enough for the life of true revolutionary Marxism. Even the best revolutionary currents are forced, in their every action, to restrict themselves to a riverbed empty of water. It is no accident that the revolutionary party appears desiccated to the opportunists, while in...

Demagogy, Democratic and Fascist. The Reality of Class


(“Demagogia democratica e fascista e realtà di classe” - From Prometeo December 1, 1943) · Each belligerent state has failed in convincing the working masses of the supreme necessity and sanctity of the massacre and thus adopts a certain social tint or a downright socialist facade. The National Socialism of Hitler has served as a cover for the military preparation of Germany; the "slow beverage"...

Party and Class


(Internationalist archives - Appeared in 1921 in the theoretical review of the Communist Party of Italy, Rassegna Comunista, "Partito e classe", Rassegna Comunista no 2, April 15, 1921) · The Theses on the Role of the Communist Party in the Proletarian Revolution approved by the Second Congress of the Communist International are genuinely and deeply rooted in the Marxist doctrine.


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