Behind the Crisis: Marx’s Dialectic of Value and Knowledge, Guglielmo Carchedi

(Haymarket Books 2012, 303 pages, £21.99 paperback) · Introduction · Gugliemo Carchedi (GC) defends Marx’s value theory and his theory of crisis which sees the falling rate of profit as the key force driving capitalism into crisis.[1] He exposes the inadequacy of alternative explanations which dominate in academic Marxist circles.

Trump: I have a dream, more pollution and poverty for all (or nearly all)


At the time of writing it's only been a few weeks since Trump took office in the White House but, in a certain sense, he has already shifted the USA’s national and international policy framework. His earliest initiatives were intended to be consistent with his election promises; to establish himself as, if not the man of Providence, at least one who belongs to the “people”, and who for the first...

An Epitaph for the October Revolution?

2017 will no doubt see a flood of publications to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution. There will be those who insist that the October Revolution provides a model for today and still others who will argue the opposite. Neither opinion is likely to go much beyond the defence of entrenched ideological positions.

The Situation of the Working Class Today

Economic conditions had in the first place transformed the mass of the people into workers. The domination of capital created the common situation and common interests of this class. Thus this mass is already a class in relation to capital, but not yet a class for itself. In the struggle, of which we have only indicated a few phases this mass unites and forms itself into a class for itself.

Class Composition in the Crisis

Hobson’s ‘prophecy’ · It is well-known that in his work on imperialism Lenin drew a lot of material as well as analytical insights from Hobson, the social-liberal (as defined by Lenin himself), and author of one of the most celebrated works on the subject: also entitled Imperialism. Twice, the Russian revolutionary cites the same passage from the book which dares to “prophesy” about the fate of...

The Labour Party: No use to British Capitalism: Never any use to the Working Class


Since the advent of Jeremy Corbyn as leader there are many who maintain that this will bring about a new direction for the Labour Party. Depending who you talk to the expectations for this new direction take many forms. After years of declining real wages some simply hope it will defend the working class from the latest austerity cuts.

Russia, China and the USA’s New World Disorder

“It is not the business of socialists to help the younger and stronger robber … to plunder the older and over-gorged robbers. Socialists must take advantage of the struggle between the robbers to overthrow all of them.” Lenin [1] · We enter 2017 with international tensions around the world visibly increasing. This, of course is nothing new, even in recent history.

In the Tradition of the Communist Left on the Path of International Revolution


On 1 November 1943 the Internationalist Communist Party began to clandestinely publish Prometeo (Prometheus). By 15 October 1944 eleven issues had been printed and distributed. After five months of suspension due to severe difficulties, publication was resumed in April 1945. However, during the winter months of 1944-45, leaflets, pamphlets and typed documents on the general situation, Russia and...

Mexico’s Turmoil


"A lot of people think it's only the gasoline prices, but the price of gas is just the straw that broke the camel's back.” - anonymous protestor. · As is now increasingly the tendency, significant moments of struggle against the effects of the global crisis are given scant attention by media players dependent on capitalist states and business.

Investigatory Powers Act legalises mass surveillance in UK


On November 17 2016 the British government granted itself sweeping new powers to legally spy on citizens. The Investigatory Powers Act approved by Parliament at the end of last year is now largely in force. It provides the State with new surveillance powers to carry out targeted interception of communications, bulk collection of communications data, and bulk interception of communications.

Imperialist Hypocrisy over Aleppo


Looking at the pictures of the bombed out shell of Aleppo’s buildings or the images of wounded and dead children which have daily filled our screens no-one can fail to be moved. Some may even greet the news of the fall of Aleppo to the forces of the regime and its allies with relief. But the killing and the mayhem will not stop here.

ICT Statement on the Dissolution of the GIO (Canada)


Yesterday, January 4 2017, the comrades of the ICT received the following brief communication from the Canadian comrades of the GIO. · “As a result of the problems the GIO has created within the ICT, the members of the GIO have decided to discontinue the activities of the group for the ICT's sake. A report will be sent to you in the coming months.


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