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(Visit the website section Introductions to Our Positions ( where we will periodically insert articles on the history and political positions of the Internationalist Communist Tendency.) · Inside the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) · The earliest sign of an organised left-wing Marxist movement, in opposition to the reformists, came at the Congress of Milan (1910) of the Italian Socialist Party.

The Merchants of Death


According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 2018 was a good year for arms producers. Sales increased by 4.8%, worth $480 billion in total. If we add in China’s sales, which are missing from these figures, it comes to over $530 billion. Much of this considerable increase is due to the US programme of modernisation announced by Trump in 2017.

American Dream meets the Chinese Dream: A Nightmare on Fuyao Avenue


American Factory is a 2019 documentary, distributed by Netflix and produced by Higher Ground (production company owned by Barack and Michelle Obama). The directors, Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, have previously told the story of the closing down of the General Motors plant (GM Moraine) in Dayton, Ohio(1) in the 2009 documentary The Last Truck.

Communism not Corbynism


The following article is the text of the introduction to the first ever CWO public meeting held in Oxford on 26 October 2019. Most of those attending either already considered themselves part of the Communist Left or were en route to accepting its basic premises. However, as expected, there was also dissent from our overview.

Between Robots and Cryptocurrency


We recently published online an article from the December issue of Prometeo In Absorbing Science and Technology, Capital is Digging its Own Grave ( which sought to show how the heralded brave new world of technological development actually spells increasing woes for capitalism rather than its relief from crisis. Some news on both automation and cryptocurrency adds to our analysis.

Against Pacifism


Of the many utopian positions widespread in the left today, some of the most persistent – and misguided – are various manifestations of pacifism. At its core, this type of thinking can be reduced to a single fundamental assumption: that the atrocities of imperialist war can be overcome and allayed without the disappearance of class society.

Today is Grey but the Future Looks Black


New year, old music, from a well-known score sheet played out by... the Left. A "Left" that’s not ashamed to dress itself up in populist clothes, worn in the service of state capital on the understanding that this is the way to open up markets as a "progressive realisation of the patriotic ideal and the concept of nationhood".

In Absorbing Science and Technology, Capital is Digging its Own Grave


Capitalism: Heading For a Reckoning · While technological innovations are continually advancing, so-called "social and economic progress" is retreating. The globalisation of markets has led to the worsening – after a short period of productive “development” – of working and living conditions for hundreds of millions of proletarians in the world, with a slow but inexorable decline in large...

Italy: On the Sardines Movement


The Sardines movement(1) appeared on the scene in mid-November during the regional electoral campaign in Emilia-Romagna with the explicit intention of preventing the League candidate from winning. Thus it sided with the other main contender: Bonaccini, the current regional President and leading member of the Democratic Party.

USA: Overview of Auto Workers' Strike


"I thought this strike was going to be revolutionary, a history-maker, because that’s the feeling I had when we walked out. I thought America was due for a revolution and our strike was going to be it.(1)" · The article here, from our ICT affiliate in the United States, evaluates the longest strike by US car workers in a decade.

The US Attack on Baghdad


Let's cut through the media fog and get to the point. The American attack in Baghdad which killed 10 people, including two Iranian politicians and Qassem Suleimani, a strong man of the Iranian regime, poses a series of problems to which we should give precise answers, even if based for now only on piecemeal information. · 1.

Latin America Burns between Revolt and Repression


For decades Latin America was the United States’ "backyard", although more recently it has also been seen as a den of "socialists". Today it is undergoing a deep crisis that spares neither the big countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, nor the small ones such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. · The entire South American subcontinent is on fire.


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