Correspondence with the South Russian Bureau of the Marxist Labour Party

Introduction · Regular readers of the IBRP press in English will already have come across the South Russian Bureau of the Marxist Labour Party (MLP). In Revolutionary Perspectives 12 we published their “Appeal for an International Party of Workers’ Self-Government”. Since then the MLP has been in direct contact with us, the initial letters of which are published here.

The Lost Marxism of Critical Trotskyists


A review of Sean Matgamna’s The Fate of the Russian Revolution: Lost Texts of Critical Marxism (1) · 1989-91: End of an Era · The collapse of the Russian bloc gave a great boost to the right wing of capitalism who had long peddled the myth that the monstrosities of Stalinism represented the logical and inevitable outcome of the struggle for socialism.

New Internationalist Communist Publication

Besides the correspondence in this issue of Internationalist Communist further evidence of a wider interest in the revolutionary traditions of internationalist communism comes from Canada. Here a group of “Left Communist workers” who have been taking part in a discussion circle in Montreal got together to produce a paper called Internationalist Notes.

Kosovo: A hunting ground for nationalism and imperialism


A graveyard for the working class · Sixteen years ago we wrote: · "With a collapsing economy, increasing regionalist pressures, and in the background the sensitive issue of border disputes with all its six neighbours, the independence of Yugoslavia is becomingly increasingly untenable. And as the Red Bourgeoisie ponders its options in their luxurious Adriatic villas, the cities of Yugoslavia...


On 25th-27th April 1997 the Internationalist Communist Party (PCInt), otherwise known by its newspaper, Battaglia Comunista, held its VI Congress in Milan. Also present were delegates from the CWO, Battaglia's sister organisation in the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party (IBRP), and messages of support were received from sympathisers in Europe and the USA.

Globalisation and Imperialism

The theses Crisis and Imperialism which were presented and approved by our last Congress (1983) outline the possible outcomes of the economic crisis which had broken out in the early 1970's. · The tendency is clear: we are not witnessing a conjunctural crisis which can be resolved in a more or less greater period of time, but a permanent economic crisis the epilogue to which can only be a new...

The Current State of Capitalism

From the end of the 1960's and the early 1970's, world capitalism has had progressive difficulty with accumulation. This has led to a new situation where the relationship between capital and labour is becoming increasingly embittered. Attacks by the managers of capital on the world of labour are worsening.

Communist Work and the Trades Unions Today

"In the present period of decadence of capitalist society, the union is called upon to be an essential tool in the politics of conserving capitalism, and therefore to assume the precise functions of a State organ." (P.C.Internazionalista Conference on the Trades Unions, 1947.) · Thesis 1 · It is an accomplished and irreversible fact that the trades unions are subjected and incorporated into the...

Theses on Communist Tactics for the Periphery of Capitalism

Preamble · With capital's global domination over society the proletariat has become a global class. This is confirmed by the two fundamental characteristics of the term “proletariat”: a class in itself and a class for itself. As a class in itself - i.e. as the variable element of capital in the process of production and reproduction - the proletariat follows capitalism's international destiny.


The need to present an overview of this issue of Internationalist Communist draws sharply into focus the gravity of the situation faced by the world's workers. As the longest economic crisis in capitalism's history continues on its downward spiral there is no let-up in the attacks on the people who produce the world's wealth.

The Two-Dimensional State: Globalisation of the Economy and the State


Every transition from one stage to another of capitalist society is marked by a throng of intellectuals who are so taken by the “new advance” that they lose even a minimal ability to distinguish the real process from their own personal expectations. Thus it was with the passage from competitive to monopoly capitalism at the turn of the century.

The monster is Capitalism

(From Battaglia comunista n.10 October 1996) · Introduction · In the autumn of last year the French press (from the right wing Le Figaro through to the social democratic Rouge ran a series of articles which tried to maintain the lie that the Communist Left had joined in the denial of the Nazi Holocaust.


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