Platform of Internationalist Communist Union Groups


(From no. 11 of Battaglia Comunista 1963) · How many Internationalist Communists are there? Too few for an insurrection but enough for the life of true revolutionary Marxism. Even the best revolutionary currents are forced, in their every action, to restrict themselves to a riverbed empty of water. It is no accident that the revolutionary party appears desiccated to the opportunists, while in...

Demagogy, democratic and fascist. The reality of class


“Demagogia democratica e fascista e realtà di classe” - From Prometeo December 1, 1943 (during the IIWW against the imperialist war) · Each belligerent state has failed in convincing the working masses of the supreme necessity and sanctity of the massacre and thus adopts a certain social tint or a downright socialist facade.

Party and class


(Internationalist archives - Appeared in 1921 in the theoretical review of the Communist Party of Italy, Rassegna Comunista, "Partito e classe", Rassegna Comunista no 2, April 15, 1921) · The Theses on the Role of the Communist Party in the Proletarian Revolution approved by the Second Congress of the Communist International are genuinely and deeply rooted in the Marxist doctrine.


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