1943: P.C.Internazionalista

Date Publications Title
2022-10-31 Documents 1944 Appeal of the Internationalist Communist Party for the Creation of a United Proletarian Front Against the War
2022-05-28 Documents A Century of Internationalism
2020-10-24 Documents 1944: War or Revolution
2020-07-28 Documents The Murders of Fausto Atti and Mario Acquaviva
2020-07-25 Documents Remembering the Early Comrades of the Internationalist Communist Party
2020-05-07 Documents April 1945: Perspectives and Directives of the Internationalist Communist Party
2020-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Political Platform of the Internationalist Communist Party (1952)
2020-02-05 Documents The Internationalist Communist Party
2020-02-03 Documents The Italian Communist Left
2019-10-14 Documents Forty Years Since the Death of Onorato Damen
2017-01-31 Prometeo In the Tradition of the Communist Left on the Path of International Revolution
2016-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The 1944 Manifesto of the Internationalist Communist Left
2015-05-01 Documents Don't Vote!
2014-10-13 Revolutionary Perspectives You Can’t Build the Party Playing with Paradoxes
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Internationalist Communist Party of Italy
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Damen and Bordiga: On the Union Question
2012-04-22 Documents Where We Come From - A Brief History
2011-08-27 Documents Bordiga: Beyond the Myth
2009-11-24 Revolutionary Perspectives The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Death of Onorato Damen
2009-07-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Italian Communist Left - A Brief Internationalist History
2001-08-01 Internationalist Communist The Proletariat Opposes the Imperialist War Firmly Resolved to Reach its Own Historical Objectives
1999-11-01 Pamphlets The Work of Comrade Damen in the Communist Movement
1999-11-01 Pamphlets A Life in the Service of Class Struggle
1943-12-01 Documents Demagogy, Democratic and Fascist. The Reality of Class
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