Since Thursday April 10, 2008, the FIAT factory of Pomigliano (NA) is blocked

TV, mass media and newspapers are saying nothing, because of FIAT opposition. Help us diffusing news to other workers. Publish on blogs, lists, forums.

Let’s break this wall of silence!

Communique from the Internationalists of Battaglia Comunista

Since 10.00 p.m. Thursday April 10th the Fiat Factory of Pomigliano has been forced to halt production

A workers committee formed independently of the trades union apparatus organised the mobilisation.

Until Sunday the workers’ pickets had ensured that the strike was supported by 99% of the workforce

It was only decided on Monday April 14th to block the passage of goods which would force the factory to shut down.

The dispute is about 316 workers claimed to be “awkward” by the firm which has decided to farm them out to the logistical centre at Nola which everyone knows is just a waiting room to redundancy.

What’s at stake is therefore the future if the entire workforce in the factory which has no guarantees of future employment.

The halting of lorries will continue until the 316 have been re-instated to the factory itself.

It is essential that everyone supports and brings their solidarity to the workers who are picketing the firm around the clock.

To lose this battle in the biggest factory in the South would mean condemning thousands of families to poverty and unemployment. To win, on the other hand would be to strike a meaningful blow against progressive impoverishment, disorientation and job insecurity with which all workers are threatened today.

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