Iran at the crossroads - workers cannot support any faction of the ruling class

Leaflet for a demo in Sheffield, UK

Iranian ruling class splits

On the one side - those sectors which more or less look to the family of the Ayatollah Rafsanjani (one of the richest and most powerful in the country), who are tired of the limitations on economic activity imposed by international sanctions and want a greater opening towards outsiders. On the other side, those sectors of the bourgeoisie whose power has been strengthened in the last few years,favourable to the aggressive policy of Ahmadinejad. Their bastions are in the state bureaucracy, the Army and the Pasdaran.

Working class has nothing to gain from either side

This conflict is one played out within the Iranian bourgeoisie even if the “refomers” (in reality they have always been big players inside the clerico-fascist regime) represent the hopes of millions wanting a relaxation of the most vulgar forms of social control that have been in operation for the last thirty years.

And everything to gain from class struggle

Workers must break with all factions of the ruling class and fight for their own interests. In Iran, as elsewhere, capitalism offers no future. Strikes under the control of the workers themselves, and the building of the revolutionary organisation are our weapons. Above all workers must not be dragged into a bloodbath on behalf of any of their exploiters and the powerful imperialist interests seeking to gain from the situation. The stakes are high because, as is well-known, Iran is the fourth highest oil producer in the world, and it sits in the hottest zone for imperialist tensions on the planet.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Capitalism in Iran and everywhere is beyond reform - workers must defend themselves against attacks on their living standards and join the struggle to build the International Revolutionary Party. That is the mission of the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party.