In France the Struggle Intensifies

As we go to press the struggles in France show no sign of dying down. We cannot do full justice to all that is going on but we can give a flavour of what is happening behind the headlines in this leaflet from Toulouse. It shows that at least some workers recognise the fact that ritual responses are not enough against an intractable and increasingly desperate class enemy. And it also shows that they recognise that they must take control of their own destiny and not leave it to those who negotiate behind closed doors…

Unemployed workers, Pensioners, Part-time casuals, Workers, School and University Students - Take in hand our own struggles!

This Tuesday [Oct 11] we were 3 millions in the streets and more than 140,000 in Toulouse against the pension reform. But what can we do to transform this number into a real force and avoid the exhaustion of token demonstrations? Certain sectors like the railway workers have cleared the way and gone on rolling strikes, in active strikes to avoid being mere spectators of the “days of inaction”. Since Thursday school and university students have rejoined the movement.

Are we going to leave them alone? Isn’t it time that the General Assemblies everywhere took part in a permanent strike? What is holding us back? Why don’t we send delegations to the sectors in struggle, to give our support or convince the hesitating sectors ?

Real solidarity is that of the common struggle!

In more of the sectional AGs we need have a place to meet, to allow the unemployed and casual workers - for whom the idea of a pension is already no more than a chimera - to participate in debates and to find some perspectives to extend the fight. To discuss this meet after the demo.

General Assembly Jean Jaures. And for those who can meet with us to share perspectives on the struggles: Labour Exchange, Place St Sernin, Monday 18.00

Leaflet put out by pensioners, workers (employed and unemployed), school and university students meeting in front of the Labour Exchange, Toulouse, 15.10.10

But the struggle also poses what we are fighting for. Even if the pensions “reform” was withdrawn another attack (perhaps a more subtle one) would immediately begin. Economic struggle, rioting etc alone take us nowhere. Capitalism in crisis has no leeway. Our struggle must become political to change society…

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