To Really Fight We Have to Unite

In 90 countries round the world the “Occupy” and “Indignados” movements have posed the question. Things cannot go on as before. We need an alternative to capitalism. Perhaps that’s why the state in many countries has attacked the peaceful occupations? As it happened coordinated repression in the US only came AFTER they linked up with the workers in Oakland, California. They created a general strike across the city from the port to the pizza shop. This really does frighten the ruling class. When those who create the wealth say “enough is enough” capitalism cannot function. This is why we need to recognise our struggle goes beyond the fight for jobs, defending pensions or benefits. It is a fight for a different way of organising how we live. If we support each other across firms, sectors, and countries we can turn our righteous indignation into more than protests. And that’s the only way to answer the question the current crisis poses ...


When those who create the "wealth" realize that wealth doesn't have to be expressed merely as money - which in this society is is quickly snatched away for private use by the bourgeoisie- but can be understood as all those things that humanity needs for every life, like food, housing, healthcare and education (things which perhaps most of us think we can take for granted - but how many people on this planet, even in "wealthy" countries, actually receive a decent and adequate amount of any of them?) then we may begin to understand the necessity for, and the nature of the " different way of organizing how we live".

And for this we will have to fight. But it will be a fight worth fighting, and better than fighting for the bourgeoisie in another world war. And that's what will face us if they get their way. For there are only two ways out of this crisis: War or Revolution. We all know which is best.

Aurora (en)

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