Serious Event at the Parma ICT Office

Translated into English by the comrades of FICL who we warmly thank

During the night of Wednesday 16 to Thursday 17 May, unknown persons got into our office in borgo San Giuseppe 5, Parma, and have taken tens of volumes from the Dimitri Papaioannoy library. The following Friday morning one comrade passing the office found the mailbox pulled off and thrown in front of the door.

Other worrying events had already occurred in the previous weeks: one day, we realized that one of the two banners that we run up at the office entrance when we open it, had disappeared; some days later, we found the other banner on the ground with a footprint on it.

It is obvious that these unknown persons were able to open the door without breaking in. We don't know who the authors of these provocations towards us are but they fit in with the climate of tension which has continued to grow in the city after the criminal attack that the fascists of the Casapound carried out against comrades of the anti-fascist committee of the Montanara district with iron bars and knives on the afternoon of Saturday May 11th.

In these cases, we need to have solid nerves and great determination. As far as we are concerned, we won't allow ourselves to be intimidated by anyone - as communists, we know that the bourgeoisie's hand is behind these provocations -, and we won't fall into the trap of a physical fight-back - it is exactly what the class enemy is looking for. That's why we will carry on our communist fight and will defend our capacity for political action without retereating a single step.

Battaglia Comunista, section "Guido Torricelli" of Parma, Sunday, May 27th 2012
Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This information is disturbing. Yes, you can have nerves of steel and be determined. And of course the bourgeoisie is behind this, and that other recent attack on comrades by a few fascists in northern Italy. You may refuse to be intimidated, but on the other hand you have been robbed. And yes, you will defend your capacity for political action! Well done! But what if you are physically attacked and injured...? What then? Is there nothing you can do to protect yourselves against further crime? And it is a crime, even if you regard yourselves quite rightly as beyond

mere bourgeois legality, and working towards something illegal ie the proletarian revolt. But remember what

happened to Luxemburg, Liebchnect and others. Take care! We need all our forces, alive, well and fighting fit.

Please attend to your security arrangements.