Military Coup in Greece?

Letter from a Greek Comrade

To Vima is one of the most ‘serious’ papers in Greece and it has played a key role in the politics of the country for about a century. So, the article cited below is not an accident. Apart from an attempt to terrorize people (‘be good, because the army is coming’), it reflects the plans of some top circles of the bourgeoisie and the state.


Under the current serious situation in Greece the ruling circles are planning to declare a state of emergency in view of a danger of an uncontrolled social explosion and a disorderly state bankruptcy.

The fascists of the ‘Golden Dawn’ will play a key role in the near future. The traditional centre-right party, which is called New Democracy, is disintegrating under the weight of the harsh economic policy that has to be implemented. Under this situation in the rightist camp, it is possible for the ‘Golden Dawn’ to be the dominant power of the right. Their influence is growing rapidly and for the time being they don’t show any signs that they respect parliamentary legality. Quite the contrary. They act outside the official structures of the system, as assault groups (squadras) against immigrants with open police collusion. (half of the police are already fascists). And their next target will be the leftists of all shades.

At the same time they organize mechanisms of mutual help for the poorest strata of society (popular canteens, markets with cheap goods and blood donations “for Greeks only”). They show the dynamics that a communist group would have in a revolutionary situation. In the national elections of 2009 they took 0,29% (19.636). In the national elections of 2012 they took 6,97% (441.018). Now their percentage is at least 10%. The deep economic and political crisis is leading a majority of the population into poverty. Massive and violent social explosions are surely on the agenda. The state is preparing for massive repression by all means possible, acting in the name of democracy and order. The situation is heading towards a political polarisation between the powers of ‘Golden Dawn’ and Syriza. It is a situation of a potential civil war.


Sunday, October 7, 2012