What is the Alternative?

Leaflet given out by our Italian comrades at the "No Monti Day" demonstration

on 27 October in Rome.

The crisis is not over and is not just due to "bad debt" or "bad banks." This is a structural crisis that has been with us for decades.

Job insecurity, layoffs, benefit cuts, increasing youth unemployment, tax increases for employees and pensioners, cuts in pensions and the welfare state. It doesn’t matter whether you live, in the so-called "advanced" world or not, the recipe is the same. We are undergoing a brutal deterioration of living and working conditions.

In the last three decades, the international working class has been constantly on the retreat, and the few small signs of revival come only from states that are suffering worst effects of the crisis, such as Greece and Spain. If we take into account the looming disaster for workers, we cannot fail to observe this state of decline and fragmentation. Years of defeat after defeat have contributed to deprive the working class of the consciousness of its own strength (and also make clear that any reformist solution is doomed to failure), while at the same time, our bourgeois enemy has advanced; strengthening itself in every area: from the ideological and political to the repressive and military. Today more than ever it is essential to focus attention on the commitment of the most active militants for the establishment of a solid political and organizational point of reference: the party of the proletariat.

The revival of the class struggle will come about through the capacity of the proletariat (the unemployed, workers in the black economy, labourers, salaried staff, temporary workers, retired workers) to unite, regardless of age, employment status or sector. This unity can be achieved by creating, in every instance, struggle committees to break out of union limitations and act in a united fashion.

But even that is not enough. To be decisive the fight will have to become a political class struggle against the system itself, a system which generates crisis and oppression. Our struggle is against its essence, capital, and against its representatives, the ruling class. What we need in fact is a completely different society, one which produces to meet human needs, in which the means of production and distribution are socialised and not managed privately (or nationalised ...), a society where production is for the satisfaction of real needs, where, finally, the environment is not plundered and devastated. This process of revolutionary transformation can only come about through the seizure of political power by the proletariat.

This is the kind of communism that we aspire to. It has nothing to do with what existed in the USSR, China, Cuba, etc. etc..

We face a long struggle to convince our class comrades of the real alternative to capitalism and to organise ourselves in order to defeat the power of the capitalist gangsters. For this reason we call upon, those who already recognise the need for a new society, and the need for an internationalist, communist party which acts as a political and organizational reference point for the exploited to get in touch with the Internationalist Communist Party.

Battaglia Comunista

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Battaglia Comunista

Mensile del Partito Comunista Internazionalista, fondato nel 1945.