Against Repression: Solidarity with our Canadian Comrades

The Internationalist Communist Tendency denounces the repressive action taken by the forces of bourgeois law and order against one of our Montreal comrades. On 7 July our comrade Richard was arrested by the police charged with obstructing officers in the course of their duty. In reality the comrade had sought to oppose the arrogance of the police when they were moving on two homeless men from the place where they had taken shelter. Fortunately Richard was released after a few hours but that does not detract from the seriousness of this act of intimidation against a comrade who had played a leading role in the social and students struggles in Quebec. The solidarity of the ICT goes to him and the other comrades of the GIO (Internationalist Workers' Group) confident that there will be more police bullying - normal in a class society - to curb the anti-capitalist commitment of our comrades. Internationalist Communist Tendency

Friday, July 12, 2013


Well at least they didn't rendition, or whatever the verb is, comrade Richard, so we and he can be glad for that. Perhaps they'll do that next time? The bourgeoisie are becoming so paranoid these days, about losing their financial and political grip on society, that they just get nastier and more loathsome by the minute. They're hanging on by their teeth. They've got spies and police everywhere. They have turned into George Orwell's Big Brother Monster and Thought Police combined. Obama sheds crocodile tears over Traygon Martin, while his sort of white supremacist so-called neighbouhood watch, sorry neighbourhood killer, goes free with team points added. Look out everyone! But solidarity with everybody who is starting to see through all this crap.