Welcome to Intransigence

Intransigence is an online journal which is a joint undertaking between a few groups (Workers' Offensive, Gulf Coast Communist Fraction, Internationalist Workers Group, and Klasbatalo Collective) and individuals in North America. It is subtitled “Publication of the Internationalists in North America”. Its self-proclaimed goal is “to aid in the regrouping effort that is currently underway, serving as both a medium for internal discussion and a means of publicizing these views.”

We cannot but welcome this new initiative and it is supported by comrades who are either affiliated to the ICT or aim to affiliate to it. We see it as another example of new groups and publications which are emerging around the world taking up long-established internationalist positions. We wish the project well, and will try to play our part in the not-so-easy task of establishing real communist nuclei, with a real capacity for intervening in the struggle, as forerunners of local sections across North America, of a world working class party.

To read Intransigence go to intransigence.org

Saturday, July 14, 2018