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For Communism

An Introduction to the Politics of the Internationalist Communist Tendency

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Aurora #2013-10-15

October 2013

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Aurora #2013-05-01

May 2013

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Aurora #2013-02-15

No 26 February 2013

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South Africa's New Turmoil

An analysis of class relations in the period after the fall of apartheid thrown into relief by the strike wave which followed the Marikana massacres.

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The ltalian Left and the Formation of the Communist Party of ltaly

We are making available to readers a pdf version of a text on the origins of the Communist Party of Italy which was founded against all the prevarication and manoeuvres of the so-called centrists of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) in 1921. The Communist Party of Italy (PCd'I) was the only Communist Party founded by the Communist Left which adhered to the original revolutionary and internationalist principles of the October Revolution throughout the years of counter-revolution that followed. This document should be read as the first part of our history of the Italian Left. The second part, showing how the "bolshevisation" of the Communist Parties of the Third International led to the overthrow of the Left, can be found in our pamphlet "The Platform of the Committee of Intesa".

Platform of the Committee of Intesa 1925

With an introduction explaining the fight of the founders of the Communist Party of Italy against the manoeuvres of Stalinism and the confusions of Gramsci.

Aurora #2011-10-01

Number 22, October 1st 2011

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Spain 1934-39: From Working Class Struggle to Imperialist War

Reprint of key CWO articles long out of print and translations of contemporary documents from the Italian Left in exile.