Recent publications

South Africa: Class War not Race War

Selection of articles written over 15 years starting in 1980. These years saw the growth of the political fight against the apartheid regime.

Internationalist Communist #13


  • Towards the Revival of the Proletariat
  • Restructuring in Aerospace
  • Antonio Gramsci: Prison Writings
  • The Material Basis of imperialist War

Socialism or Barbarism

An Introduction to the Politics of the Communist Workers’ Organisation

Since succeeded by For Communism

PDF icon Socialism or Barbarism (1994)5 MB

Internationalist Communist #12


  • Class Composition in Italy during the capitalist crisis
  • Fascism and Anti-fascism: Lessons of the Nazi Seizure of Power
  • Extracts from Octobre, 1938: Brief History of Italian Left Fraction; Trotskyists and Events in Spain

Internationalist Communist #11


  • Yugoslavia: Titoism to Barbarism
  • The Butchery in Bosnia
  • Britain: Social Democracy and the working Class
  • Trotskyism and the Counterrevolution