Lessons from the Strike Wave


The wave of strikes which erupted in Britain in June last year have mostly ended in defeat overseen by the unions. Trade union membership continues to decline and it’s easy to see why. Although consecutive governments have attacked the rights of workers to organise, to strike and to picket, the unions have proven themselves both unwilling and unable to fight against this legislation, enforcing it...

Cost of Living Crisis = Capitalist Crisis


Wage cuts, precarious jobs, collapsing health service, school buildings falling down, inflation, widespread poverty and deprivation experienced by large swathes of the country – that’s the state we are in. Of course, the government is not interested in solving these issues. Both parties have become too lazy or incompetent to even pretend to help, preferring instead to compete over idiotic...

Green Capitalism is a Myth


After the hottest September on record, the government of Rishi Sunak has recently announced broad reductions of the already tepid climate policies they inherited from the previous government. These include: pushing back the phasing out of petrol and diesel cars by five years to 2035, relaxing the phasing out of oil-powered boilers by the same timescale, and removing plans to introduce taxes for...

Capitalism Promises Annihilation by Climate Catastrophe


Capitalism is killing the planet. July 2023 was the hottest month ever recorded, and the following months each set records as the hottest-ever August, September, etc. 2023 is on track to be the hottest year since records began, which fits the pattern of the last few decades where each year tends to top the previous in being the "hottest year ever".

Workers Have No Country: No to Nationalism, Yes to Class Unity!


The raid by Hamas militants which overran two military bases and various Israeli municipalities killing soldiers and civilians and taking hostages, has set off the predictable response from the Israeli ruling class: the murder of Palestinian civilians by carpet bombing (including of hospitals), tightening the siege on the enclave (which has been in force since 2007), cutting off power, water,...

USA: Renewal of Workers' Initiative is Real


The working class stirs back into action the world over. In China, factory workers’ resist their confinement in dormitories by employers, while workers push back in France against pension reforms. More recently in the US, labor actions in the logistical, automotive, and media sectors of the economy all attest to a new phase of the class struggle.

Imperialist Hypocrisy in the East and West


As the death toll in Gaza grows, many of the victims children, the double standards of imperialist realpolitik are laid bare. For our ruling classes, some lives are worth more than others. It is economic, political and military alliances which decide what atrocities get talked about and where. You only need to compare the different voting blocs in the UN resolutions on some recent conflicts, or...

Radek's Theses on Imperialism (1915)


The wars that capitalism is now unleashing, and the ones yet to come, are a product of the imperialist epoch. Our understanding of what imperialism means is based on more than a century of experience and reflection. Much of that we owe to revolutionaries who came before us, and in that spirit we have translated the piece below, drafted in the midst of the First World War.

No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Tyne & Wear


(We publish here the founding statement of NWBCW Tyne & Wear ( You can follow their activities: @NWBCWTyne&Wear ( · RESIST THE GLOBAL MARCH TO SLAUGHTER · Across the world working class people are being slaughtered, from endless battles in Ukraine, to mass murder in Israel, to ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

The Tasks of Revolutionaries in the Face of Capitalism's Drive to War


The horrific massacres on both sides in the war between Israel and Hamas over recent days are just one more sign of what capitalism has in store for the rest of us. The poison of nationalism, a consequence of a class-divided society, is engulfing the workers of Israel and Palestine, whether or not they are signed up to support their own ruling classes; the overwhelmingly vast numbers of dead,...

Falsification of History and the Warsaw Ghetto


Imperialist conflict has a tendency to revive historical traumas. As the Israeli government and Hamas trade insults over who's the biggest "Nazi", internationalists need to be able to parse the propaganda. Reductio ad Hitlerum rarely, if ever, makes for a convincing argument. Quite often, it's a tool of political deception hiding behind a calculated appeal to emotions.

There Is No State Solution: Only Class War


On 7 October, southern Israel was invaded by Hamas forces in an astounding, and largely unexpected, coordinated attack with militants breaking through the Gaza border, whilst air strikes reached as far as Tel Aviv in central Israel. For many Gazans, this was their first time outside their open-air prison, tearing down border fences, and the Israeli military’s first time on the back foot in 50...


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