For over a decade the International Bureau had to face increasing political isolation as the working class lost confidence in itself under the blows of economic restructuring and political disorientation (the twin myths of the collapse of communism and the disappearance of the working class). However, as the old millenium breathes its last we are encouraged by a marked resurgence of interest from...

Prague S26


Only the World Working Class can Put a Stop to Capitalist “Globalisation” · (IBRP Statement on the occasion of the September protests at the IMF/World Bank meeting) · This time it’s the turn of the bureaucrats of the World Bank and the IMF to run the gauntlet of “anti-capitalist” protests as they gather in Prague for their 55th annual general meeting.

US Boom: Triumph of the Paper Economy

Translated from Prometeo 18, December 1999 · Eight years of uninterrupted growth in GDP, an inflation rate well under two per cent and unemployment amongst the lowest in the world (4.5 per cent): all these have turned the USA into a new mystery for political economy. All the specialist magazines are talking about it while the daily press now assumes that the American recipe is the panacea against...

Towards the New International

(Translated from Prometeo Series VI No.1, June 2000) · Before we can talk about a new International we need to be clear about two things: the first is the reason why an International is necessary and the second is what were the main characteristics of previous Internationals. · Why Do We Need an International? · The Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels concludes with the words, “Workers of the...

Statement on the War in Chechnya

(From Russia) · IBRP Introduction · Behind the conflict in Chechnya lies the external competition with the imperialist powers of the west. In particular the US and Europe are each competing to gain a foothold in Central Asia. Azerbaijan’s government has recently agreed to start shipping Caspian Oil via the Baku-Novorossisk pipeline.

News of Radical Communists of Ukraine

(In early summer the IBRP received the following letter from a group hitherto unknown to us, Radical Communists of Ukraine. We are publishing it with our reply, not only as testimony to the emergence of a range of groups striving for revolutionary clarity in the ex-USSR, but also to extend a warm welcome to the comrades who have since translated the IBRP Platform into Russian and Ukrainian - see...

Public Sector Strike or Sapping of the Workers’ Movement


(From Colombia) · Background to New Bourgeois Measures, Reaction of the Masses and Imperialist Promises · In Colombia a process of insurrection has been unleashed by capitalism as the conflict between the two bourgeois military fronts is extended and exacerbated. This flare-up also involves a struggle for total control over the drugs business in an exceptional situation where the imperialist...

Peyke Anternasionalisti - Communists, the Working Class and the Election Issue


IBRP Introduction · This article is translated from Peyke Anternasionalisti nos. 8 and 9, December 1999. It was written prior to the elections held later that month and which brought a landslide reformist victory. The response of the powerful Council of Guardians was to declare that there had been irregularities in the vote counting for some areas in Tehran and it was doubtful whether some of the...

World March of Women - Reform or Revolution?


After centuries of fighting for freedom and equality, what have we got? · 1. We still earn less than men for the same work - globally we earn 40% less; · 2. Equal Pay legislation has failed. In those countries which introduced legislation - some more than 30 years ago - women still earn 75% of male wages (in the US it’s more like 58% if you’re not white); · 3.

The new electoral trap


Editorial · As sure as the thaw, as is the tradition in Quebec, each spring brings us some new conference or meeting heralding some kind of new left alternative. This year again, at the end of May, a high mass was celebrated in Montreal bringing together hundreds of the faithful in hopes of uniting “the political left and progressive forces” in preparation for the next electoral rendez-vous.

Librairie Alternative


Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat · In our March edition, we told you about the ban of Internationalist Notes from Montreal's Librairie Alternative. This “collective” act by the bookstore included other publications claiming to come out of Left Communism, under the pretext that these groups defend the perspective of worker's power as a transitional phase towards communism, in other...

Abdullah Öcalan - The Life Work of a “Liberator”...


About a year ago on June 29, 1999, the leader of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, was condemned to death for treason and separatism by the Turkish state on his island prison of Imrali, on the Marmara Sea. Since then, ostensibly under the pressures of the European Human Rights Tribunal, the threat to the life of the man also known as Apo seems to have passed for now.


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