NATO Bombings of Yugoslavia: War Against the Working Class


(Statement of the IBRP, 25.3.99) · Introduction · The NATO bombings in Yugoslavia cannot be understood as a single event. They are part of a continuing story of contemporary capitalism. All the features that make up the horrors of life under this decaying social system are present. The first is the capitalist crisis. The crisis of accumulation first arrived in the early 1970s.

Disharmony Over the Euro

Translated from Prometeo #15, June 1998 · In December 1988 few people believed that European Monetary Union [EMU] would ever happen. Even the committee of central bank governors, presided over by the then Commissioner Delors and charged with the task of drawing up a plan to implement EMU, was sceptical.

Materialism and Idealism - A reply to the ICC

In IC15 we wrote on “The Political Roots of the ICC’s Organisational Malaise”. The article was our attempt to explain why the International Communist Current (ICC) had suffered a severe crisis (particularly in its most important section in France) and why this had led them to lash out at other communist organisations, in particular the Communist Workers’ Organisation (CWO), the British affiliate...

The ICC Criticises the Proletarian Struggle Groups (GLP)

Translated from Battaglia Comunista #12, December 1998 · In the June-September 1998 issue of the ICC’s Rivoluzione Internazionale, an article appeared entitled “The Proletarian Struggle Groups, an Unfinished Attempt to Achieve Revolutionary Coherence”. It was quickly translated and published in the ICC’s other international publications.

Why the IBRP Will Not Be Attending the ICC Congress

For the Record · Dear Comrades · In response to your letter inviting us to your next Congress, we are pleased to see that the ICC is abandoning its policy of demonisation and denunciation of the IBRP as “parasitic”, “sectarian”, etc. We welcome the re-establishment of what should have been the natural fraternal relationship between internationalists.

Peyke Anternasionalisti - Aims and Positions

Introduction · The long interval since the publication of a regular issue of IC means that our welcome to newcomers to the inter-nationalist proletarian camp is long overdue In particular, it is now over two years since political exiles from Iran - the comrades of Peyke Anternasionalisti [PA] - contacted us and sent us the first issue of their magazine, whose title translates as Internationalist...

Peyke Anternasionalisti and the Critical Current Inside the Workers Movement

Translated from Internationalist Messenger No. 2 · Half a century after left capitalist ideology came to dominate over the workers’ movement in Iran, Peyke Anternasionalisti (PA) ( Internationalist Messenger) is the first revolutionary publication to be circulated with a clear Internationalist outlook and policies.

Correspondence with the South Russian Bureau of the Marxist Labour Party

Introduction · Regular readers of the IBRP press in English will already have come across the South Russian Bureau of the Marxist Labour Party (MLP). In Revolutionary Perspectives 12 we published their “Appeal for an International Party of Workers’ Self-Government”. Since then the MLP has been in direct contact with us, the initial letters of which are published here.

The Lost Marxism of Critical Trotskyists

A review of Sean Matgamna’s The Fate of the Russian Revolution: Lost Texts of Critical Marxism (1) · 1989-91: End of an Era · The collapse of the Russian bloc gave a great boost to the right wing of capitalism who had long peddled the myth that the monstrosities of Stalinism represented the logical and inevitable outcome of the struggle for socialism.

New Internationalist Communist Publication

Besides the correspondence in this issue of Internationalist Communist further evidence of a wider interest in the revolutionary traditions of internationalist communism comes from Canada. Here a group of “Left Communist workers” who have been taking part in a discussion circle in Montreal got together to produce a paper called Internationalist Notes.

Kosovo: A Hunting Ground for Nationalism and Imperialism


A graveyard for the working class · Sixteen years ago we wrote: · "With a collapsing economy, increasing regionalist pressures, and in the background the sensitive issue of border disputes with all its six neighbours, the independence of Yugoslavia is becomingly increasingly untenable. And as the Red Bourgeoisie ponders its options in their luxurious Adriatic villas, the cities of Yugoslavia abound...


On 25th-27th April 1997 the Internationalist Communist Party (PCInt), otherwise known by its newspaper, Battaglia Comunista, held its VI Congress in Milan. Also present were delegates from the CWO, Battaglia's sister organisation in the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party (IBRP), and messages of support were received from sympathisers in Europe and the USA.


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