The Socialist Labour Party - Then and Now


"The world will never be civilised so long as capitalism endures." (SLP, September 1914) · Capitalist companies have a whole panoply of laws dealing with copyright, patents and trademarks to prevent competitors from deceiving prospective purchasers. History, regrettably, does not prevent political organisations from working equivalent contricks.

Scargill's New Old Labour Party: Another State Capitalist Diversion


Despite Arthur Scargill’s exaggerated comparison with Keir Hardie’s first attempt to win a seat in Parliament, the few hundred votes cast for Brenda Nixon in the Hemsworth by-election hardly provide a great for Scargill’s breakaway “Socialist Labour Party”. In truth the creation of this new organisation is of little consequence for the working class and has nothing whatsoever to do with the fight...

From Capitalism to Communism: A Popular Outline of the Period of Transition


The period of transition from capitalism to communism is one of the most difficult areas for discussion amongst revolutionaries. In the first place we have only very limited historical experience of workers’ rule and workers’ democracy in action. The Paris Commune, and the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 are the only time when workers have given a glimpse of how they would run a new society.

Is the Communist Manifesto Still Relevant Today?


Published almost 150 years ago the Communist Manifesto remains one of the seminal documents of marxist literature. In this article we look at the importance of the Manifesto both as a historical document and in terms of its significance for today. · The Communist Manifesto was published in January 1848 on the eve of the bourgeois revolutions which swept continental Europe.

The General Strike 1926


Seventy years ago, in May 1926, the only general strike in the history of the British working class movement took place. Optimistically thought of as a revolutionary situation, the strike ended after only nine days, in complete demoralisation and defeat. · To understand the limitations of the strike it is useful to outline the historical period in which it took place, and the events leading up to...

On Peace and War in Bosnia


Not a person nor a penny for the bosses' wars or their peace · Proletarians of all countries! · At last the capitalist powers have finished partitioning Yugoslavia and brought an end to the war which they themselves had fostered. · In fact socialism never existed in Yugoslavia. It was only state capitalism that finally broke apart under the impact of the economic crisis.

Workers in France Show That Class Struggle Lives


The mass resistance of mainly public sector workers to the Jupp‚ Plan has not broken any new ground but it has been a reminder of what the working class is capable of. With all the arrogance of a party that has a massive parliamentary majority combined with the pressures to fulfil the Maastricht criteria for European monetary union, Chirac's Gaullists hit out at the working class on all...

France... The State Attacks Workers

Strike action has continued in France over the government’s proposals to make significant cuts to its welfare and benefits system. On October 10th workers from all from all five major union confederations and two other unions staged a one-day strike. On November 24th this was repeated, this time including students and many other sectors affected by these and other proposals.

After the Balkan War: The Imperialist "Peace"


What is arguably the fourth or fifth Balkan War this century (see Imperialism in the Balkans below) has now come to an uneasy armistice. It is likely that it will hold. 60,000 NATO troops should see to that. After over 200,000 deaths the imperialism can claim to have established peace. We say “claimed” because the forces of imperialism have also promoted the war, despite all the hypocrisy about...

Pax Americana: The Global Domination of the USA

Coming so soon after US triumphs in the Middle East and Northern Ireland, the Dayton peace accord underlines the immense power of the USA. The “New World Order” conjured up by George Bush in 1990 seems now to have come into being. Now that the Bosnians, the Serbians, the Croats and above all their various European masters have been bombed to the peace table by the US (sorry, NATO) jets, it is...

After Rabin: Imperialism Still Dictates the "Peace Process"


The recent assassination of Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin highlights the deep divisions in the Israeli ruling class over the issue of the “peace process”. Whilst Rabin’s killer was a member of a tiny organisation of religious fanatics, the ideology which fuelled the assassin is much the same as that espoused by the constitutional right in Israeli politics, namely the Likud Party.

The Lessons of the Spanish Civil War

(A Review of Land and Freedom, Director: Ken Loach) · Ken Loach is the only film-maker today producing anything remotely concerned with the reality of working class life. His Family Life of over twenty years ago has been more recently followed by Riff Raff and Raining Stones, films portraying graphically (if a little sentimentally) the growing poverty and lumpenisation of sections of the working...


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