Forty Years Since the Outbreak of the UK Miners' Strike: A Defining Moment in the Capitalist Assault on the Working Class


(A comment from a CWO sympathiser based in South Yorkshire, near where the 1984–85 miners' strike started.) · In his first volume of Capital, Karl Marx wrote that capitalism “comes into the world dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and gore”. Child labour, slavery and slums, this all enabled the owners of capital to bring in unheard of profits.

Against Pacifism, For Revolutionary Defeatism!


"Only a bourgeois who believes that a war started by the governments must necessarily end as a war between governments and wants it to end as such, can regard as “ridiculous” and “absurd” the idea that the Socialists of all the belligerent countries should wish for the defeat of all “their” governments and express this wish.

International Working Women's Day: A Day of Struggle Against Exploitation, Chauvinism and War


"The 1917 Working Women's Day has become memorable in history. On this day the Russian women raised the torch of proletarian revolution and set the world on fire. The February revolution marks its beginning from this day." (Kollontai) · Working Women’s Day, March 8th, is rooted in the struggle of the working class.

No Fees, No Squeeze!


Capitalism is on a downward spiral of economic and political turmoil. Since corona, capitalists have ensured that their profits will be regained through whatever means necessary and have unfurled their assault on the working class. Here in Montreal, we have already been met with two bitter stings: the cost of living crisis and the housing crisis.

Yes, Fight and Strike Against War: But Against All Capitalist Factions!


(Leaflet distributed by the PCInt, in Italian and English, during the recent protests and strikes about the situation in Palestine.) · The slaughter underway in the Middle East is another episode in the new phase of armed confrontation between opposing imperialisms which began with the war in Ukraine. On the one hand stands NATO-USA-Europe, on the other Russia-China-Iran.

Anti-Black Racism: An Insidious Poison Against the Class Struggle


As the central obstacle to the unity of workers in the USA, racism is no new invention of capitalism. It is as old as slavery, and therefore predates even the current configuration of the exploitation of labor by capital in North America. · The kind of racism Americans are accustomed to has its roots in the beginnings of the cultivation of Virginia tobacco and the early period of the...

The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution


The last decade was marked by an international wave of mass protests – according to some studies, the largest the world has ever seen.(1) In some countries governments came tumbling down, in others repression put an end to any dissent, while elsewhere the movement simply petered out. But nowhere did the protesters get exactly what they wanted (difficult as that is to ascertain considering the...

Turkey: Massacre of Mine Workers in Erzincan


As the crisis of capitalism deepens and the world drifts towards another war, more dangerous and brutal working conditions are making massacres of workers in the workplace commonplace. · In Erzincan, nine workers were buried under cyanide-laced soil in a landslide that occurred as a result of the stacking and clustering of mined soil in a mine.

On the Farmers' Protests


(We present here three translations of recent articles from our comrades in France and Italy. They deal with the ongoing farmers’ protests that have erupted in Europe, and are now spreading to Britain and, once again, India (where a similar movement back in 2020/1 managed to repeal the controversial Farm Bills).

Not Just Against the AfD!


Nine Theses on the "Struggle Against the Right" · "In Germany, no form of bondage can be broken without breaking all forms of bondage." (Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right) · Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets to protest against the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and the shift to the right.

Capitalism Offers Only a Future of Devastation and Decline... But There is a Solution


By any standards the global capitalist system is in dire straits. The richest countries in the world have had declining growth rates for over six decades. The consequences for individuals and states are mounting. The fate of humanity in 2024 is in as dire a condition as it has been for decades. On a personal level, many, even in the richest countries in the world, are finding it hard to make ends...

Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part IV)

(Part I ( – Part II ( – Part III ( – Part IV ( · From the Commanding Heights(1) of the State to Globalisation · "The growing incompatibility between the productive development of society and its hitherto existing relations of production expresses itself in bitter contradictions, crises, spasms. The violent destruction of capital not by relations external to it, but rather as a condition of its...


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