The Drive to World War


June marked the beginning of the spring counteroffensive in Ukraine. The preliminary results are in: at most a few dozen square kilometres of strategically insignificant territory have been exchanged for perhaps tens of thousands of human lives. With each passing day, the entire operation resembles the senseless slaughter of the First World War ever more closely.

The Real Fight is Yet to Come


Over the last year, the working class in the UK has been engaged in the largest strike wave in decades. There have been struggles on the railways, in hospitals, in schools and universities, at various bus companies around the country, as well as on oil rigs and refineries, among firefighters, workers in Amazon warehouses, and other sectors.

Niger's Coup D'état: Yet Another Chapter in Intensifying Imperialist Rivalries


The Sahel · On July 26, 2023 a military junta presided by Abdourahamane Tchiani, former commander of the presidential guards, overthrew the "democratic" regime of president Mohamed Bazoum. The National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland was proclaimed on state television channel Télé Sahel by the air force Colonel Amadou Abdramane alongside nine more military officers.

Balloting on Tentative Agreement at UPS: Workers' Mobilizations in the USA are Subordinated to the Exigencies of Crisis and Rearmament


It has been a long time since the unions jettisoned the mass assembly, preferring to militate in the murky waters of the secret ballot. Via the latter, 340,000 workers will accept or reject the tentative agreement between August 3 and August 22. IBT local unions have endorsed it by a vote of 161-1. Our comments regarding the details of the agreement will be circumscribed, but it is apparent “the...

Amadeo Bordiga's Prison Manifesto

Introduction · Even in our so-called ‘Communist Left’ circles, it is a little-known fact that Amadeo Bordiga spent most of 1923 (3 February – 26 October) in a Rome prison cell where, as well as preparing his own defence and that of his thirty or so fellow-accused, he drafted a political manifesto on the crisis facing the barely two year old Communist Party of Italy (PCd’I), a manifesto he...

1848: The Working Class Bursts Onto the Scene of History

"Peace to the huts! War on the palaces!" (Georg Büchner, The Hessian Courier, 1834) · The revolutions of 1848 belong to a now bygone era. Yet, the events of 175 years ago have inevitably shaped the modern world. For our rulers, they leave behind a contradictory legacy. For workers, they represent the dawn of a new movement.

The State We Are In


(Editorial for Revolutionary Perspectives 22 ( (Series 4).) · This issue goes to press as the UK celebrates 75 years of its National Health Service. But it’s difficult to see what there is to cheer about. Despite politicians’ assertions that more money than ever is spent on the NHS, British spending on healthcare in relation to GDP comes well behind most of the OECD rich countries.

UPS Struggle: Strike While the Iron is Hot!


The recent situation of the working class has been treacherous, to say the least. Inflation, war, and instability prevail, while wages stay down and things only get worse. · Naturally, benefits and wages are at the top of workers’ priorities, whereas UPS is only interested in profits. UPS makes this clear via PVDs, threats to drivers, and the tempo of work inside the warehouse, along the belts...

Degrowth and Marxism: A Critique


(Review of Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism (2023) by Kohei Saito. Published by Cambridge University Press.) · Just as the “Green New Deal” did in 2019 and 2020, “degrowth” is currently having a moment of popularity as a left-wing response to the climate crisis. Aspects of the project have been enthusiastically embraced by members of Extinction Rebellion and by many...

Capital is Content to Fuel the Fires in North America


As of July 21st, the wildfires have displaced at least 120,000 people and burned over 100,000 km2 of land since the start of this year, from British Columbia to Quebec, with further fires yet to come. The end of June was marked by the entire East Coast enshrouded in apocalyptic smoke seen all the way across the border; effects felt in the American Midwest, as well as in Western Europe.

In Remembrance of Comrade Martin


Martin was born in 1972 in Michigan and lived there most of his life. He was an ICT sympathizer, IWG candidate and then member over a period of around two years. Though his politics underwent significant changes over the years, he was a lifelong militant in the class struggle. · Martin's own political development must be appreciated through its sheer dynamism; he formed a political group...

The Wagner Group Revolt and Future Course of the War

In January 2022 (and before the Russian invasion of Ukraine) it was clear that Russian imperialism was operating from a situation of fear. We wrote in Revolutionary Perspectives 19 that Putin was: · "aware of Russia’s relative weakness against the combined forces of NATO. The Ukrainian conscript army itself is the third largest in Europe (over 170,000 frontline troops with many more in reserve),...


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