Class Consciousness and Working Class Emancipation


(Discussion with the Angry Workers of the World (AWW)) · This article originally began as a response to the AWW’s reply to our review of their book Class Power on Zero Hours in Revolutionary Perspectives 16.(1) However, as we were writing it, the AWW published another blog article entitled “The necessity of a revolutionary working class program in times of coup and civil war scenarios”(2) in which...

Revolts in Myanmar


Since 1 January the streets of what used to be known as Burma have filled with demonstrations nearly every day. · The straw that broke the camel’s back was the army’s coup which overthrew State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, destroying her party (NLD) through the heavy repression meted out to the demonstrators demanding “liberty and democracy”.

Mythology About the Middle Class and the Class Struggle


CWO Preamble · The following article is translated from the current edition of Prometeo, the political magazine published by our ICT affiliate in Italy. As well as a valuable investigation in itself, it gives us an opportunity to add a few comments on the vexed question of the middle class from, as it were, an Anglo-Saxon perspective.

The Tours Congress and the Birth of the French Communist Party


It is now 100 years since the Tours Congress of 25 to 31 December 1920, when the majority of delegates of the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO) voted to join the Third International. · Whilst the Communist Party of Italy (PCd’I) was formed on the basis of a real, open split from the pacifist, opportunist and parliamentarian Social Democrats, the French Communist Party (PCF)...

Communist Work in a Covid Crisis: A Framework


(Perspectives for the CWO as discussed in its AGM, November 2020) · A pandemic is a test for any mode of production. It is a particular test for a system mired in economic, political and social crisis. SARS-CoV-2 has thus found the capitalist system wanting. Not only were most countries across the world slow to respond to the swiftly spreading contagion, but the last few decades of cuts and...

A Sign of Things to Come


The working class currently faces the challenge of the combined consequences of the pandemic and the underlying crisis of capitalism. Even though the health emergency is far from over, the wave of redundancies and restructuring has already started. The degree to which workers are able to not only resist attacks on their conditions but to impose their own interests on the ruling class in the next...

NYC Produce Workers' Strike: Capitalism's Treatment of its "Essential Workers"


1. Unity for who? · Since the beginning of this pandemic, around the globe, the press and governments have proclaimed the need for “national unity.” Governors and presidents have solemnly extolled the message, “We are all in this together,” while in the state of Georgia, 50% of tenants are at least $5,000 behind on rent.

GameStop and Investor Activism: The Real Story is the Dead-End of Capitalism


"This is for you, Dad. · I remember when the housing collapse sent a torpedo through my family. My father's concrete company collapsed almost overnight. My father lost his home. My uncle lost his home. I remember my brother helping my father count pocket change on our kitchen table. That was all the money he had left in the world.

The Trump Era is Over, Now it's Time for Biden


The recent change-over in the White House will not lead to major changes in American politics. On the domestic front the moderate Biden will be forced to concede something to keep his electorate quiet, but in foreign policy very little new will be produced by the new Democratic president. · The arrogant old tenant of the White House was obliged to pack his bags and go off to play golf at some of...

No Future Without a Fight


Back in 2012 the concept of a "graduate without a future" briefly entered the zeitgeist. Paul Mason was among its key proponents, finding a commonality between the Arab Spring, the anti-austerity movement in Greece and the student protests in the UK: a social strata of young educated people with no prospects who became the driving force of opposition to the "system".

Paltry Returns on Capital and an Enormous Debt Pile Are Bringing the World Economy to its Knees


(The following piece is a slightly condensed translation of the Italian original, published in the January edition of Battaglia Comunista, journal of the ICT’s founding section in Italy.) · On top of the economic disruption and health service shortcomings that have been put in the spotlight, the pandemic crisis has intimately linked two factors deliberately kept separate by the capitalist press...

100 Years Since Livorno


(In January 1921, more than three years after the October Revolution in Russia, some two years since the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in Berlin at the behest of the German Social Democratic Party, and in the aftermath of two wasted years of workers’ factory occupations in Italy itself, the intransigent revolutionaries in the Italian Socialist Party (PSI), led by Amadeo Bordiga,...


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