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Article The GKN Struggle and the October "General Strike" In Italy Dyjbas (editor) Lun, 2021-10-04 12:30
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Article The Inexorable Crisis of Capitalism Spreads Misery and War Dyjbas (editor) Gio, 2021-09-30 21:44
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Article Comment la pandémie a révélé le véritable état de santé des nations Cleishbotham (editor) Mar, 2021-09-21 18:22
Article Climate-Production-Capital Dyjbas (editor) Mar, 2021-09-21 12:25
Article Iran: I lavoratori del petrolio rifiutano i sindacati webmaster Dom, 2021-09-19 08:02
Article Continua la lenta agonia del capitale webmaster Sab, 2021-09-18 15:34
Article China-Iran Accords, the Silk Road and Some Other Imperialist Manoeuvres Dyjbas (editor) Sab, 2021-09-18 12:51
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Article How the Pandemic Revealed the Real Health of Nations stevein7 1 Gio, 2021-09-16 11:36
Article Solo los trabajadores del mundo pueden salvarnos de un cataclismo capitalista Dyjbas (editor) Lun, 2021-09-13 16:50
Article The End of Bretton Woods: A Contemporary Analysis Dyjbas (editor) Lun, 2021-09-13 16:29
Article پاسخ کارگران نفت: نه به انجمن های صنفی damoon (editor) Ven, 2021-09-10 16:14
Article Iran: Oil Workers Reject Trade Unions Dyjbas (editor) Ven, 2021-09-10 12:13
Pubblicazione Germinal #20 Dyjbas (editor) Ven, 2021-09-10 12:05
Pubblicazione Germinal Extra Dyjbas (editor) Ven, 2021-09-10 12:04
Article Afghanistan: La tragédie afghane entre nationalisme taliban brutal et barbarie de l’impérialisme américain Cleishbotham (editor) 2 Gio, 2021-09-09 16:20
Pubblicazione Russia: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, 1905-1924 - A View from the Communist Left Dyjbas (editor) Gio, 2021-09-09 14:11
Article Cuba è l'ultimo episodio nell'agonia del capitalismo (di stato) webmaster Mer, 2021-09-08 16:38
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