Neither Ahmadinejad nor Moussavi - Long Live Class Struggle!

We received the following document from a courageous Iranian internationalist. As far as we understand he has sent it to a number of internationalist left communist organisations and his position is one we would fully endorse (even if we would have liked more on the concrete organisational issues such as existing class organisations and the need for an independent political organisation of the working class). Hopefully these will be forthcoming in future documents. We have taken the liberty of correcting the English without in the slightest altering the intentions of the author. IBRP 20 June 2009

After the election circus, Ahmadinejad was presented as winner and this resulted in the political confrontation and crisis between bourgeois gangs. The leader of one faction, Moussavi would not accept the result and mobilized protestors throughout the entire country which resulted in some demonstrators getting wounded or killed. The fact is that in our epoch, in the epoch of decadent capitalism, parliament and elections are not than a mystification and the main task of parliament is, legislate wage slavery.

Moussavi, with his green flag, presented himself as a reformist. What does it means to be reformist? It was during Moussavi’s time as a Prime Minster that hundreds of striking worker jailed or were beaten to death. Thousands of political prisoners were executed when Moussavi was Prime Minster. Mass grave of political prisoners (Khavaran) was created when Moussavi was Prime Minster. This list is very long. Moussavi is no less guilty than Ahmadinejad when it comes to workers right or other human right issues.

The green movement does not belong to workers and it belongs to one faction of the bourgeois. We must avoid acting as cannon fodder for any of the competing bourgeois gangs. Instead of a green flag, we must raise our flag, the flag of proletariat - the red flag.

Capitalism is the origin of all the misery and poverty in the world. Capitalism means, a real hell, not only for working class but also for all humanity. We must never forget that capitalist democracy and capitalist dictatorship are two sides of the same coin. Where the Goddess of Freedom stands, thousands of workers are unemployed and homeless. In the paradise of capitalism, where the social democratic governments have been in place for more than hundred years, unemployment has been a nightmare for the working class.

The future of our movement depends on our struggle alone. We must expand our struggle, independent of all bourgeois gangs, against capitalism. Our slogan must be against wage slavery, exploitation, unemployment, inflation and we must spread our struggle from streets to workplaces in all sectors and if it is possible to other countries as well. Internationalist positions are very weak in Iran and its militants very isolated. We must try to break down this isolation and establish connection and collaboration with other internationalists throughout the world.

The working class is the only social class that can put an end to capitalist barbarism and misery. This alternative that communists had proposed in the past is more valid today than ever:

“Communist revolution or the destruction of humanity!”

19 June 2009, Internationalist