Caucasus and Anatolia

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Turkey

Date Publications Title
2024-04-06 Documents Local Elections in Turkey: No Change for the Working Class
2024-02-20 Documents Turkey: Massacre of Mine Workers in Erzincan
2024-01-04 Documents Georgia's Imperialist Balancing Act
2023-05-14 Documents Turkish Elections: The Crisis of Capitalism will not be Resolved at the Ballot Box
2022-12-27 Documents Turkey: Nation or Class?
2022-06-12 Documents Workers Have No Homeland: Internationalist Solidarity with Migrant Workers
2022-05-03 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Turkey
2022-02-18 Documents Turkey: The Trade Unions Are An Obstacle To All Workers' Struggles
2022-02-02 Documents Turkey: Workers are Trying to Find Their Own Voice All Over the World
2021-02-26 Documents Student Protests in Turkey: A Communist Critique
2020-11-09 Documents Turkey's Imperialist Aggression Threatens to Set More than the Mediterranean Alight
2020-10-15 Documents Nagorno-Karabakh War: For Workers the Real Enemy Lies at Home
2016-10-04 Prometeo The Turkish Imperialist U-turn in Syria
2016-07-18 Documents Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either
2016-07-17 Documents Coup in Turkey - People Power?
2015-08-31 Prometeo Turkey, ISIS, Gas and the Shifting Imperialist Balance
2015-08-06 Revolutionary Perspectives 1915 to 2015 - A Century of Genocide
2015-05-19 Documents Auto struggles in Turkey: "We don't want any unions. We have set up workers councils"
2015-04-28 Documents The Armenian Genocide 1915
2014-05-17 Documents Turkish Miners: Soma Workers Murdered for Profits
2013-07-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Street Protests and Class Power: Reflections on Current Events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
2013-06-15 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Protest movement in Turkey: The Only Perspective is Class Struggle!
2013-06-06 Documents Some Considerations on the Demonstrations in Turkey
2013-06-05 Documents From Saving a Park to 500,000 Workers on Strike: Background to the Events in Turkey
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Global Crisis Will Have to be Fought Globally
2010-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Against a Global Capitalist Crisis, the Struggle has to be International
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Review: Publications from Left Communists in Turkey
2008-09-20 Documents Workers' conditions and struggles
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Georgia - Not Just Another International Crisis
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives War in Georgia: Who Will Control the Oil and Gas of the Caspian Basin?
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives South Ossetia: Fulcrum of Imperialism’s “Great Game”
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Georgia on His Mind: Lenin’s Final Fight against “Great-Russian Chauvinism”
2007-12-01 Documents Victory at Türk Telekom
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Recent Turkish Parliamentary Election
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Correspondence with the Enternasyonalist Komunist Sol (Turkey) on the Nature of Imperialism
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