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Date Publications Title
2024-02-19 Documents On the Farmers' Protests
2024-02-01 Revolutionary Perspectives COP28 and the Myth of Green Capitalism
2024-01-06 Internationalist Notes COP28: A Climate Cop-Out
2023-11-17 Aurora (en) Green Capitalism is a Myth
2023-11-15 Internationalist Notes Capitalism Promises Annihilation by Climate Catastrophe
2023-09-15 Documents "War Ecology" Will Not Save the Planet
2023-09-04 Aurora (en) Capitalism Reaches its Boiling Point
2023-07-25 Documents Degrowth and Marxism: A Critique
2023-07-23 Documents Capital is Content to Fuel the Fires in North America
2023-02-19 Documents There is No Such Thing as a "Natural" Disaster in a Capitalist World
2023-02-08 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism Takes One More Step Towards Our Extinction
2022-02-08 Aurora (en) The Ruling Class Has No Solution to the Climate Crisis
2022-01-29 Internationalist Notes Workers of the World Unite! We Have a Planet to Save!
2022-01-18 Revolutionary Perspectives The Historic Failure of COP26
2021-12-08 Documents Marginal Notes on COP26 in Glasgow
2021-11-09 Aurora (en) Save the Planet - Destroy Capitalism!
2021-10-27 Revolutionary Perspectives Global Warming: IPCC Report AR6 - Writing a Death Warrant?
2021-09-21 Documents Climate-Production-Capital
2021-09-02 Aurora (en) Save the Planet - Destroy Capitalism!
2020-12-02 Aurora (en) Turning the Planet into an Uninhabitable Hell
2020-11-20 Documents Denmark's Mink Farms Demonstrate that Covid-19 is the Child of Capitalism
2020-08-03 Aurora (en) A Crisis of Capitalist "Civilisation"
2020-05-06 Documents Reflections on the Coronavirus and Economic Crises
2020-03-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Destroying Our Planet... Sustainably
2020-02-24 Aurora (en) Can Capitalist Reform Save The Environment?
2019-09-19 Aurora (en) Only the Working Class Can Save the Planet
2019-08-26 Documents Imperialism and the Amazon
2019-08-12 Documents “Capitalism is Dead” (George Monbiot) but Only the World Working Class Can Bury It
2019-07-12 Documents Thunberg's Call for General Strikes: The Confusions of a Liberal Protest
2019-05-03 Aurora (en) Climate Change: Capitalism is the Problem
2018-10-31 Aurora (en) Global Warming: Capitalism Threatens the Planet
2018-08-27 Aurora (en) Out of this capitalist impasse: A New World Has to Take Shape
2018-05-15 Documents The Horror, the Horror of World Imperialism
2018-04-06 Documents Tragic Events in Russia
2016-12-16 Internationalist Notes The Black Snake – Still in the Pipeline
2016-02-17 Documents Let’s Put an End to the Madness, Irrationality and Violence of Capitalism Before it Destroys Us
2016-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Paris Climate Conference – Another Failure
2016-01-03 Documents UK Floods: Another Predictable Capitalist Disaster
2015-11-28 Documents Environmental Catastrophe: Either Social Collapse or Socialism
2014-12-10 Documents The Price of Oil Collapses Whilst Imperialist Competition Rises
2014-11-26 Documents TTIP: Trade Wars and Imperialist Manipulation
2014-10-14 Internationalist Notes Mining Land Grab Threatens Great Lakes Watershed
2014-02-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Climate Change: The Alternative is Social Collapse or Socialism
2013-10-29 Aurora (en) Global warming: Capitalism is Dragging Us to Catastrophe
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan
2011-03-17 Documents From Hiroshima to Fukushima
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Cancun World Climate Conference - Another Predictable Capitalist Failure
2010-06-09 Revolutionary Perspectives BP’s Deepwater Horizon: Capitalism is the Disaster
2010-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives After All the Hot Air at Copenhagen, Global Warming is Set to Continue
2009-11-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Environmental Disaster or Communism There is No Third Way
2008-06-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Fuelling the Food Crisis: Biofuels… and Imperialism
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Environmental Debate: “Do you have to be Red to be Green?”
2007-12-01 Aurora (en) Halting Climate Change Means Changing the System
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Ecological Disaster Cannot be Solved by Capitalism
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