Catering worker sacked for asking for time to grieve

From Angry Workers of the World

Subject: Urgent: Solidarity protest for sacked catering worker, Hayes

Genuine Dining Co. sacks worker whose brother died…

We want to bring your attention to the fact that the catering company at Rackspace, The Genuine Dining Co. recently sacked a worker (Boubacar-Claude) in their kitchen after his brother passed away. They would not authorise the time off he needed to cope with the bereavement. Boubacar was very close to his brother and took the news hard. He provided doctors notes saying he was unfit for work. He was looking for understanding from his employers. Instead he was sacked.

The Genuine Dining Co. has recently taken over the catering for Rackspace. Their website is all about being ethical and “cutting edge innovators”. Obviously this means kicking their workers when they’re down…

Boubacar appealed the dismissal and still the Genuine Dining Co. were Genuinely Unsympathetic. Boubacar has worked at Rackspace for one year and is liked and respected by his colleagues. We hope you will support him!

We are asking you to raise this issue with your managers and boycott the canteen until Boubacar receives his full wages for the time he was off sick from work.

West London Solidarity network

Call out: Support sacked catering worker Boubacar

We will protest at his former workplace in Hayes - see draft leaflet below. Please bring friends and fellow workers. We meet on Friday, 2nd of June, at 8am in the Asda Cafe near Hayes...